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Well, This Is a Chaotic Double Date

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

You’ve heard of the unexpected couple. But have you heard of … the unexpected date? Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, not content with being 2021’s most surprising romantic duo, appear to be gunning for the most unexpected date superlative as well. It was a mere two weeks ago that Kim and Pete debuted their relationship on a literal roller coaster (a sign of what’s to come?), followed shortly after by Davidson taking Kardashian to eat spaghetti in his home borough of Staten Island. But all those pale in comparison to this new, profoundly bewildering date. Kim stepping onto the shores of Staten Island seems to have caused a rupture in our space-time continuum, because now it appears Kim and Pete are celebrating Davidson’s 28th birthday with Kris Jenner and … Flavor Flav???

If you do not believe me (and, really, who would?), there is plenty of photographic evidence proving this seemingly AI-generated event actually happened. Flavor Flav posted them on his own Instagram, in fact, including one where Davidson is borrowing his signature clock necklace. While these photos are utterly surreal, I do not believe they are doctored simply because this is too chaotic not to be true.

A few other details you may not have picked up on while attempting to understand this event: Kris, Kim, and Pete appear to have obtained matching plaid flannel suits for the occasion, which fall somewhere on the spectrum between pajamas and pant suits. Upon further research, these are made by Kim’s shapewear brand Skims, which does not demystify any piece of this except to suggest that Pete may be making textile suggestions to the Skims design team. Flavor Flav seems to also be calling Davidson his “adopted son,” which prompts me to ask … why? According to the same caption, Davidson is also “the last person” Flavor Flav will ever lend his clock necklace. Okay!!

“Page Six” has confirmed these two are definitely, beyond a doubt dating, which means plenty more off-kilter dates lie in store. In the meantime, what can I say about this birthday celebration that hasn’t already been said by Kim’s peace sign and Pete’s middle finger with black nail polish? Flavor Flav, if you have any further intel on how you ended up visiting the Kardashians and potentially adopting (?) Pete Davidson, please let us know. Are you flirting with Kris Jenner? Also, why didn’t you wear the Skims pajamas??

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Well, This Is a Chaotic Double Date