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Lady Gaga Spoke in Her House of Gucci Accent for Nine Months

Photo: MGM

There can be 100 accents in a room, and only one will be Lady Gaga’s powerful accent as Patrizia Gucci in House of Gucci. If you needed further proof that we are living in a golden age of accents, look no further than Gaga saying “Our name, sweetie” in this trailer. How did Lady Gaga make an Italian fashion murderess sound even more batshit than her story already does? The way all actors who employ unhinged accents do: She committed to the bit.

In a new British Vogue interview, Gaga revealed that she spent nine months speaking in her Patrizia Gucci accent, including off-camera. In other words, Lady Gaga birthed her House of Gucci accent, and I for one cannot wait to meet her offspring.

To establish such an enduring accent, Gaga says, “I instantly had to dye my hair,” because it was “nearly impossible … to speak in the accent as a blonde.” Impressive and quite a bit of pressure to put on her hairdresser, but it seems they got the job done. Apparently, the result was so specific and well thought out that Gaga could alter the accent depending on whom her character was speaking to, pitching it into a higher-class inflection when Patrizia would have wanted to impress the Gucci crowd.

While you may call this technique merely “Method acting” or “the thing Ashton Kutcher was doing when he ate fruit,” I would argue that it is now a Hollywood rite of passage to adopt a bewildering and/or astoundingly good accent at some point in your career. Robert Pattinson has concocted not one but two entirely disorienting drawls, while Kristen Stewart, who is already being lauded for nailing Princess Diana’s accent in Spencer, said last year that she had “never been consumed by something” as much as she was with studying the accent. Tom Hardy, Jesse Plemons, and Daniel Craig have also found themselves speaking in drastically foreign intonations for recent movie roles.

While I’m not complaining, I am certainly skeptical that any human can maintain an accent this chaotic for so long. Even Nicole Kidman lasted only five months speaking in the unique American-Australian blend she employed for Nine Perfect Strangers. But then again, Gaga committed to her Star Is Born role by convincing the world that she and Bradley Cooper were in love for an entire year. At least in this case, she said ciao to her accent once filming wrapped.

Lady Gaga Spoke in Her House of Gucci Accent for Nine Months