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So, Did Paris Hilton Wear 10 Wedding Dresses or What?

Photo: Jason Armond/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Paris Hilton got married! And on a Thursday, no less! Yesterday, the heiress-slash-DJ-slash-lexiconnoisseur wed her fiancé Carter Reum at her grandfather’s Bel-Air estate in Los Angeles. As is to be expected of someone who lives like the most extravagant Barbie doll come to life, Paris Hilton loves weddings. Thus, her own wedding would have to be an event of extraordinary proportions. (I mean, she got married on 11/11 because 11:11 is her “favorite time of day.”) In previous interviews, she promised her nuptials would be a multiday affair, complete with fairy-tale-esque décor and many, many outfit changes. Like, “probably ten” different wedding dresses.

So … did she do it? Did she wear ten wedding dresses?

Hmmm, I only count one (1) dress in this photo, Paris. Which is not to undermine this one very good dress! She reportedly chose the Oscar de la Renta gown — which features a high neck, long sleeves, and floral detailing — late Wednesday night. But, don’t give up hope: “Page Six” reports that Hilton wore “at least four white dresses throughout the night” with photos to prove it. Still, by my count we are missing at least six dresses. If there were any occasion for a photo dump, this would be it! Give me Gaga-style TikTok transitions of the many dresses! I require head-to-toe pictures of all the wedding outfits to gaze upon and admire. I want to scroll and give my personal critiques like Wow, pretty! and Good dress.

Perhaps she is waiting until the dust settles from last night’s premiere of Paris in Love, a Peacock-exclusive show following Hilton as she plans her wedding. I’m sorry, Paris, but I will not sign up for Peacock, even for you. I need details sans new streaming subscription. If only because Paris Hilton is the sole person on earth whose wedding could upstage Ivy Getty’s recent wedding, which included such extravagance as a performance by Earth, Wind & Fire, Nancy Pelosi as the wedding officiant, and Anya Taylor-Joy as the maid of honor.

So far, we know that Hilton’s nuptials included a few notable guests as well, including Kim Kardashian (apparently sans Pete), Kimora Lee Simons, Nichole Richie, and Demi Lovato. Given her aforementioned love of weddings, there will probably (hopefully) be more photos, wedding events, and wedding outfits to come from the reported three-day extravaganza. Until then, congrats to the newlyweds! To quote Hilton, commitment is, indeed, so hot.

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So, Did Paris Hilton Wear 10 Wedding Dresses or What?