Hey Pete, What’s That on Your Neck?

The celebrity couple America deserves. Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

We’re all having a lot of fun with the knowledge that Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian West are dating. But no one more so than Pete and Kim themselves. Take, for example, these recent photos of the two of them leaving a restaurant in Santa Monica. They’re holding hands! (Kind of. Kim is back on her Balenciaga shoulder-length-glove bullshit, so Pete’s hand is interlaced with her leather-encased fingers.) They’re giggling in a car! Most importantly, in one of the pictures, Pete appears to have something resembling a hickey on his neck. Thus, we must discuss this alleged love bite.

You can decide for yourself whether or not this looks like a hickey. I think it does, but I do not consider myself a hickey connoisseur. So you may take my assessment with a hefty grain of salt. Regardless, the idea of Kim Kardashian West giving anyone a hickey, let alone Staten Island’s own Pete Davidson, is wonderful and confounding and strange. The image is so foreign that I almost can’t even imagine it. Maybe she has people who do that kind of thing for her? Or maybe she was like, “Hey Pete, wanna try something I saw my freak sister do with her fiancé?”

Also, if we’re working under the assumption that this is, in fact, a hickey … do you think Pete also gave Kim a hickey?? Please, Kim, Pete, Daily Mail, et al. I need answers. Or more photographs.

Hey Pete, What’s That on Your Neck?