Strap In for Kim and Pete

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson have finally given us a little kiss! Well, kind of. Mere hours after “Page Six” confirmed that they were dating, Kim and Pete made brief contact via the palms of their hands while getting out of a car in Palm Springs, thus joining Kim’s sister Kourtney in boldly reinventing what it means to “display” “affection” “publicly.”

Now that Kim is showing us her bare hands again (and touching someone else’s, no less), there’s no telling what the universe has in store for us. Already, she and Pete appear to be merging styles: Pete is wearing the same plaid Skims pajamas he was pictured in earlier this week, just with one leg rolled up (did he ever take them off …?), while Kim is just beginning to lean into the dirtbag of it all with some low-riding sweatpants. Also, again: Plaid flannels have already become a part of the Skims inventory, which has Mr. BDE written all over it. That being said, Kim is still wearing Yeezys, which is pretty cold.

What else can we expect from a relationship that has already brought a Kardashian to Staten Island and Flavor Flav to Kris Jenner’s mansion? Let’s spin our Pete Davidson dildo-size wheel. More weed-themed trucker hats, for sure. A Kylie kit for guys who want to bleach their hair? You bet. Now that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is ending, maybe a Staten Island spinoff lies ahead??? The first episode revolves around Pete receiving his first tongue-lashing from Kris after taking North to get real face tattoos.

Who knows what other paranormal events will spring from this union? Cringe, unexpected, unholy, call it what you want — these two meant it when they announced their relationship on a literal roller coaster.

Strap In for Kim and Pete