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Unpacking the New And Just Like That… Trailer

Photo: HBO

What have we here? Is it … another trailer for And Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot arriving on HBO Max December 9? There is so much to unpack in this trailer, so much that I’m not even sure it will fit in Carrie’s cavernous walk-in closet, which is still enormous, in case you were wondering.

Where to start? First things first: Carrie is podcasting about masturbating in Barney’s. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let me address a few other moments I believe merit some attention in this montage of perplexing scenes. Big is vigorously Pelotoning, which makes me fear there will be a lockdown-centric arc here. The Peter Pan hat is still hanging around. Carrie is asking someone about dating apps, which means Big will probably die like everyone suspected. Will he have a heart attack on his stationary bike? What a way to go.

Carrie is talking to her shoes and calling them pet names, which I must admit is on brand. Other evidence that some things never change: There’s Big again, smoking a cigar inside, which cannot be good for his Peloton training or Carrie’s wallpaper. Unless, of course, this Big is actually a ghost, which wouldn’t be the most outlandish thing happening here.

No, actually, the most striking element of this new trailer is that a new mode of transportation appears to have entered the world of Sex and the City. Is that … the subway???? What? There is not one yellow cab in sight! As if to emphasize the fact that most New Yorkers’ primary mode of transportation has finally arrived in Carrie’s world, there are not one, not two, not three, but four whole clips of the subway in this trailer. Only one of those scenes involves a character actually riding it, which is Miranda, because of course it is. Because she is a woman of the people, Miranda is also featured telling someone that it’s hard to have it all.

There are only nine more days until we can begin to make sense of Big’s conflicting lifestyle of cigars and Peloton. Get your stack of Post-Its ready!

Unpacking the New And Just Like That… Trailer