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Gift of the Day: Colorful Gloves to Wear With Your Black Parka

Animation: Andrew Myers

You know “nature is healing” in New York when the subways become a sea of black coats and puffer jackets. It’s the stereotypical uniform of the city when the weather gets cold, and I’m already seeing TikTok videos about it that warm my frozen heart. Not all New Yorkers want to wear all black all year round, though. Call it “dopamine dressing,” or just a change of heart, but since lockdown, some city dwellers have made a conscious effort to introduce more color into their wardrobes (myself being one of them). It’s a nice, cheerful mood boost — for yourself and those around you. Especially in the winter months, when sunshine and daylight hours are scarce.

Accessories are an easy way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise all-black uniform. And since you’ll be bundled up most of the time anyway, colorful gloves are a practical investment. Take, for example, these bubblegum-pink leather Dries Van Noten gloves that were made in Italy and are pictured here. The designer’s fall 2021 collection was sensuous and romantic with lots of rich textures and prints. If you’ve seen Carol, you know gloves are one of the most romantic gifts a person can give. Or just gift them to yourself as a little treat. That’s what I’ll be doing!

Gift of the Day: Colorful Gloves to Go With Your Black Parka