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Everything You Can Shop From And Just Like That … So Far

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

The long-awaited reboot of Sex and the City is streaming on HBO Max with changes abound. An update: It’s twelve or so years later and the quartet is now a trio, Carrie wears bedazzled pandemic gloves, and costume designers Danny Santiago and Molly Rogers are following in the footsteps of famed designer Patricia Field. With all that said, we couldn’t help but wonder, will the fashion (and apartments) still be as aspirational and enviable? We’re not the only ones with our eyes on the looks: The reboot has already spawned an Instagram account dedicated to the outfits. However, we are still of course closely following the plot; no spoilers, please.

Carrie comes out of the gate swinging: She’s wearing two bags (Valentino and vintage), a pillbox hat adorned with feathers, and a vintage linen jumpsuit, accented with a blazer from Dries Van Noten. You can shop the Saint Laurent shoes she’s wearing while she explains Samantha’s absence.

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

Charlotte pairs two Louis Vuitton “Capucine” bags with her outfits in this episode: a blue mini and a bright pink.

Carrie’s technicolor pearl ring comes in a rainbow of colors.

Yes, Carrie’s wedding shoes, the “something blue” in almost every wedding since the movie was released. Carrie breaks these out for another pivotal moment her life.

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