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Gift of the Day: A Cute, Chunky Claw Clip

Photo: Andrew Myers

Like several of its ’90s peers, the claw clip has made a comeback. Low- and no-maintenance hairstyling calls for a utilitarian hair accessory, and the sensible, no-fuss claw clip stepped right up.

This chunky iteration crafted by Chunks has become a cult-favorite; a mascot for all the things claw clips of the 2020s can be. The shape is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s way more committed and considerably sturdier than the plastic-y claws of yore that would inevitably end up on bedroom floors, only to be violently crushed by our feet (RIP). The checkered pattern kinda makes you want to regress and resurrect your old slip-on Vans, while the sleek, glossy sheen proves you’ve grown up a bit since then.

The cherry on top: This sizable claw’s teeth are long and grippy enough to support all hair types, making it the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list with hair that gets in the way sometimes. Thick curls, stick-straight strands, visible roots, grown-out bangs — anyone can pile in and look styled in under a second.

Gift of the Day: A Cute, Chunky Claw Clip