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Gift of the Day: A Fun Trash Can

Animation: Andrew Myers

There are many areas of our home where some of our more unsightly household items just can’t be hidden. While supplies can be tucked away in cabinets and drawers, bins that catch all your tissues, papers, and any other miscellaneous items you discard, are best kept within reach. For your design conscious friends consider the Everybody Bin from Dusen Dusen. This is a Technicolor treat that won’t hide behind a door or under a desk.

Designed by Ellen Van Dusen, the brand is known for its vivid graphic prints that stimulate the imagination, brighten up wardrobes and the drab corners in your home. This bright bin, courtesy of a collab with home brand Areaware, is no different. The multicolored stripes and faces are a welcome replacement for dull bathroom and desk bins.

When it comes to gifting, consider this as versatile as a gift basket. Gift the new homeowner or renter this bin filled to the brim with the cleaning supplies they have yet to buy. Fill it with soaps and hand towels, we suggest the brand’s stripy options, for the bathroom. Prep it for the budding entrepreneur or professional with WFH essentials and office supplies. Or gift it alone as the true accent piece it is, to pair perfectly with their decor or add a bit of maximalism to an otherwise minimal home.

Gift of the Day: A Dusen Dusen Trash Can