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Gift of the Day: Nail Polish That’s Ugly in a Good Way

Photo: Andrew Myers

Jewelry designer Jess Hannah Révész of J. Hannah fame has been creating neutral nail lacquers to complement the artfully adorned hands of “the color-resistant.” The resulting shades are very intriguing, very hard-to-find elsewhere, and proudly jolie-laide, just like newcomer, “Compost.” A ’90s olive drab, it’s an homage to the divisive Pantone 448C, a shade so off-putting that it was nicknamed the “ugliest color in the world” by market researchers.

Though it’s inspired by old, organic waste, it’s a breath of fresh air among all the expected cherry reds and Ballet Slippers. Two coats will pair well with your all-black winter uniform and special-occasion jewel tones. Gifting this mulchy green gem this season is an excellent reminder that one person’s trash really is another person’s treasure.

Gift of the Day: A Nail Polish That’s Ugly in a Good Way