Is Grimes Finally Ready to Publicly Roast Elon Musk?

Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Since “semi-separating” from Elon Musk, Grimes has provided very little insight into her new (semi?) single lifestyle. Aside from trolling paparazzi with The Communist Manifesto and claiming that she plans to colonize one of Jupiter’s moons, not much is known about where she’s at emotionally. Until now, that is: her new song, “Player of Games,” gives us a little inkling of how she may be feeling these days.

Personally, I have no idea who or what this totally vague breakup track is about, but maybe you can help me figure it out. Its subject appears to be an ex of Grimes’s who really likes games (video and otherwise) and is headed to space. Let’s examine a small sampling of the lyrics:


Would you still love me

Out on Europa

Or will you forget?

Sail away

To the cold expanse of space

Even love

Couldn’t keep you in your place

I’m in love

With the greatest gamer

But he’ll always love the game

More than he loves me

Hmm. It’s probably not relevant that Elon Musk is a notorious gamer who wants to put billboards in space, is it? Nor is it of any use to mention that Europa is the very moon Grimes claimed she would colonize shortly after the breakup? Unrelatedly, I just learned a fun fact about Elon Musk: He once tweeted about reading a series of books that includes a volume called Player of Games, which he called a “semi-utopian galactic future.”

Another thing that might help us determine whether this Elon Musk–themed song is about Elon Musk is the very suspicious timing of its release, which just so happens to coincide with the debut of Musk’s new supervillain haircut. Were I his ex, I might behold this haircut and suddenly decide I’m ready to publicly roast him. But again, I’m just guessing here!

I guess we’ll never really know who Grimes’s new song is about. Maybe X Æ A-Xii can tell us?

Is Grimes Finally Ready to Publicly Roast Elon Musk?