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Jacob Elordi Is Not That Tall, Says Jacob Elordi

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images for Fendi

Contrary to popular belief, Jacob Elordi is not the tallest man you have ever seen — or so he claims. He may look like a very sad, very tall boy on Euphoria, but now, he’s saying it’s all an illusion.

“The trick is they just always cast me with girls who are five-foot-two,” he said in a recent interview with Men’s Health. “Everyone’s like, ‘You’re so big!’ Yeah, but they’re also not big, not even average-size women. They’re quite small.” For the record, he’s six-five, and he might actually have a little bit of a point. He can’t control his height!

It is worth noting that even someone “average” at around five-foot-five would still be a full foot shorter than him. Plus, according to various corners of the internet, his co-stars actually haven’t been that short. Popbuzz reports that The Kissing Booth’s Joey King is five-three, and Wikipedia says Euphoria’s Alexa Demie is five-six (though Men’s Health reported her height at five-two). So, Mr. Elordi, might it be possible that you are very tall and that they are very small?

Either way, the height difference means that Elordi and his co-stars have to come up with some creative on-set solutions, like having shorter actors stand on apple boxes (a common Hollywood hack) or having him squat down or spread his legs to shave a few inches off his height. So, even though it might look like he towers over his co-stars onscreen, just remember, he’s even taller than them in real life. Got it.

In all seriousness, I can almost see why he might be frustrated that all anyone talks about is his height. As he told Men’s Health, the focus on his appearance can be frustrating. “You have all sorts of aged people around the world only talking about what you look like,” he said. And it’s even impacted his career (yes, even Hollywood can be a tough place for very tall white men). According to the profile, Elordi was told he couldn’t be a model because he was too tall for sample sizes, and he was later told he couldn’t be an actor because he was too tall. “I guess tall people don’t experience things,” he joked, while, I imagine, playing a very, very small violin.

I get it, it’s no fun to be judged on the way that you look, but it looks like being tall has been pretty good to him so far. It might be time for Elordi to accept that no matter what he does, who he dates, or how well he acts, he is always going to be tall.

Jacob Elordi Is Not That Tall, Says Jacob Elordi