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We Will Never Know Peace

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

If you were on Twitter Saturday, you might have heard Chris Pratt has accumulated another stone to add to his Infinity Gauntlet of voice roles. But I am delighted to report that the rumor Chris Pratt would be voicing the Grinch in a new movie is absolutely not true. Not yet anyway.

The rumor began Friday, when Wyatt Duncan tweeted what appeared to be a screenshot of a Hollywood Reporter article titled “Chris Pratt To Voice The Grinch In New Animated Special For ABC.” The article, it turns out, never existed, but that didn’t stop the tweet from going viral.

In defense of everyone who fell for it, the story seems entirely plausible, especially in the wake of Pratt’s recent casting as the voices of Garfield and Mario in two upcoming films. In fact, I’d bet the only reason he hasn’t been asked to voice the Grinch in a new animated special is because Benedict Cumberbatch already did it in 2018.

After the tweet was debunked, people started jumping on the meme train, tweeting fake announcements to add to Pratt’s voice-over career. According to the memes, Chris Pratt has taken over every single role possible, including Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, “every Beatle,RuPaul, and even “the new voice of the CVS self checkout machine that says ‘place your item in the bagging area’” (my personal fave).

And that’s not all. Once he’s done snatching up every movie and TV role imaginable, meme Pratt is apparently coming for pop stars too. “Chris Pratt is gonna sing every song on billie’s new album,” Finneas, brother and collaborator of Billie Eilish, tweeted Sunday.

Operation Protect Billie Eilish starts now.

We Will Never Know Peace