7 Pieces You Can Shop From Euphoria’s Season Premiere

Photo: Eddy Chen/HBO

Costume designer Heidi Bivens, makeup artist Donni Davy, and nail artist Natalie Minervia have served us new looks from our favorite troubled teens in the season-two premiere of Euphoria. Were you wondering where to find Maddy Perez’s bedazzled sandals? So were we. We scoured the internet to find the looks from Euphoria’s season-two premiere.

Maddy Perez

To the New Year’s Eve party, Maddy Perez wore a dress from Akna (a favorite of actress Alexa Demie’s) with elbow-length gloves and equally extra Amina Muaddi sandals encrusted with rainbow crystals. Keeping in line with her ’90s aesthetic, she went heavy on the winged eyeliner (“A Maddy wing is always the sharpest wing,” wrote Davy on Instagram), brown lipstick, and hair spray, slicking her hair back with a stretch-comb headband. And of course, there were her hoops and nameplate necklace.

Cassie Howard

If you’re wondering what to wear while hiding from your best friend with her ex-boyfriend in a bathroom, Cassie went with this option. It goes great with the now-sold-out white Prada heels she wore. Luckily for Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), who spent most of the night crying and hiding, she skipped the liner and opted for small crystals instead. She also wore a throwback accessory, pinning her hair back with crystal-covered barrettes.

Kat Hernandez

Kat, played by Barbie Ferreira, paired her now nearly sold-out Mimi Wade baby-doll dress with this Pamela Love dagger pendant. To match the graphic dress, Kat went heavy on the eyeshadow with a matching blue and green color palette and nails in the same color scheme. As for her nails, it is just the start. “She’s going to explore a lot of color, which I think is fun,” said Minerva. “We’ll be seeing more bold and colorful designs on more modernized shapes, like the coffin shape.”

Jules Vaughn

Photo: Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO

Sheer, almost ethereal layers have become Jules’s signature look; she wore sheer arm warmers and layers of necklaces under her hoodie. Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, wore the now-unavailable sheer beaded top from Nihl and layers from Maroske Peech. She paired these layered looks with an off-white, laced-up skirt from Orseund Iris.

7 Pieces You Can Shop From Euphoria’s Season Premiere