Minnie Mouse Is Getting Girlboss-ified

Haven’t we suffered enough? Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Disney

Lean in, Disney adults, Minnie Mouse has some news. She is a business bitch now and will be wearing pants. Please clap for our anthropomorphic rodent queen!

In honor of Disneyland Paris’s 30th anniversary, designer Stella McCartney was tasked with creating a new look for Minnie Mouse. “Minnie has always had a special place in my heart,” McCartney said, per a blog from the official Disney fan club. “We share the same values.” Ah, yes, Minnie Mouse’s values: be cute, giggle, wear polka dots and a big bow, and have a famous boyfriend. McCartney said she loves that Minnie “embodies happiness, self-expression, authenticity.” And nothing says “I am so happy right now” like pleated pants.

They left Minnie’s signature polka dots on the pantsuit but changed her outfit from red to dark blue. They let Minnie keep her big-ass bow, which thank God. Otherwise, how would we tell the difference between the Cutie Girl Mouse and the Little Guy Mouse?! The outfit is reminiscent of silky pajamas your aunt would gift you for Christmas. Speaking of … why must women’s sleepwear so often include a collar? To keep girlbossing in our dreams?

Minnie is not the only illustrated hot-girl icon to be given a recent make-under. Earlier this week, certified baddie Ms. Green M&M was de-slutified. A moment of silence, please. She’ll be trading in her thigh-high go-go boots — do M&Ms have thighs? — for some sensible sneakers. Neat.

Of course, one question remains in all of this: Will they try to squeeze Daisy Duck’s dump-truck ass into a pantsuit, too?

Minnie Mouse Is Getting Girlboss-ified