And Just Like That … Charlotte Taught Us How to Insert a Tampon

Photo: HBO

Welcome to the Cut’s recap series for And Just Like That …, from the brains behind the pop-culture museum THNK1994. Spoilers ahead.

Dear Samantha,

A few days ago, TMZ stopped the actor Thomas Canestrano, who plays one of Anthony’s bread boys, on 14th Street outside of a CityMD. They asked if you would be returning. He said, “If you want to know, you’re gonna have to watch.” Well, we did watch, and you weren’t in this one.

Instead, Anthony started dating a Holocaust denier and Carrie is selling her neighbor’s jewelry on Instagram. As usual, it brings us no pleasure to report to you that, despite your absence, this continues to be the most important show to ever be broadcast in the United States. Of course, we will hold out hope for your return, especially with the breaking news in the New York Post that And Just Like That … will return for a second season just to “prove a point.”

Charlotte is in menopause, something you experienced in Dubai. She is going through it in the city of New York and is the last of the group to do so. This is information shared during a brunch where Miranda invites the group to help paint a women’s shelter she is working on with Nya that will be opening in Greenpoint. A few episodes ago it was in Fort Greene but Miranda was drinking then so we may have just heard what Miranda thought she heard. Seema also implies it is on “Bay Shore Drive.” So while the actual location doesn’t exist, the point is, there’s a shelter that needs painting and it is the first time all of the characters in this series end up in the same place.

Everyone, that is, except Anthony; he is busy. We only get a glimpse into his life post-Stanford, but it involves filling in for his bread boy that called out sick (to lie to TMZ it seems) and kicking his boyfriend Justin (Matthew Wilkas) out of Charlotte’s “Jewish dinner.”

It is at this dinner that Lily asks Charlotte to teach her how to use a tampon. Charlotte starts out excited but quickly loses interest as, despite watching a Youtube tutorial, Lily just can’t seem to figure it out. They miss most of dinner and Harry lets the challah burn. It’s a disaster, but they are all lifelong friends and nobody is an asshole about it. Moments like this in the show, where the strength of the friendships is on display, are a drug.

Speaking of drugs, Miranda, like America, is addicted to Che. She refers to herself as Che’s girlfriend in front of their adoring fans. Next, she shows up to Che’s apartment with cookies unannounced and has a breakdown in the stairwell after this visit isn’t received well. Who can blame her? Che’s star continues to rise. The New York Post called them “TV’s most hated character.” If we ran a fashion house, we would absolutely be reaching out to Che Diaz. Kanye West will soon be releasing Jail Pt. 3 with a Che feature. It’s reached that level, and like every major plot point in the Sex and the City universe, it would not have happened if it wasn’t for Carrie.

While the lives of her friends are evolving, Carrie has still not figured out how to tell strangers, like her neighbor Lisette, that her husband is dead. She wears his ring and cancels dates in person because she is still not ready. Thank god for Seema who is bringing Carrie with her to nightclubs where the bouncer refuses to let them in. Of course, if she were with you that would not be the case. Where you excel in PR though, Seema excels in smoking. She is great at it.

When the ladies all arrive in Greenpoint for a day of shelter painting, Seema writes a check, parks herself at the lunch tables, and lights a cigarette. Carrie is left without a partner and ends up paired with Steve. He asks her what she knew and when she knew it in regards to Che. This shell of a man immediately apologizes for his understandable questions and even helps Carrie retrieve Big’s ring from a pipe after she drops it down the sink drain. We learn that Steve is also still wearing his wedding ring. Instead of noticing a single man able to master basic plumbing, Carrie sees herself in Steve and is turned off from ring-wearing. She immediately stops wearing it and plans a third-try date with Peter the teacher.

Being in Greenpoint is a huge plot motivator for (some of) these women. Nya’s partner Andre finally gives her an ultimatum: She needs to prioritize having a kid with him or he’s out. Seema — who celebrated her birthday earlier in the episode, declaring 54 the year she’ll meet her guy— meets the sexy owner of “Brooklyn’s hottest nightclub.” Miranda learns that Lisa Todd Wexley taking photos at a shelter painting is not insensitively just for Instagram, it’s good for PR. (You’ve always known the PR benefits of getting your hands dirty, that’s how you met Leonardo DiCaprio, wheelbarrowing sand for the Javier House.) And Charlotte has a flash period in a white painting onesie. There is now only one episode left. Is Mr. Canestrano the liar he seems to be or is there a surprise waiting in the future? Only you know, and next week, so will America.

And Just Like That … Charlotte Taught Us How to Use a Tampon