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Panera’s Diamond in a Bread Box Is Actually Perfect

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

There is very little I wouldn’t do for a good carb. Like Oprah Winfrey, I love bread. I love it so much I would marry it, and it looks like I’m finally going to be able to shoot my shot. Panera Bread just announced a diamond-ring giveaway to celebrate Valentine’s Day and/or Super Bowl Sunday, and I don’t just want one, I need one.

Panera will reportedly give away 22 lab-grown diamond rings — in a baguette cut, of course. To win, all you have to do is post a photo of yourself and your “Panera Date” eating at a Panera Bread restaurant or eating a Panera Bread at Home product with the hashtags #PaneraDate and #Sweepstakes between February 14 and 18. Twenty-two lucky winners will get a baguette-cut diamond ring and a subscription to Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club, per People. Not only that, but winners will receive the ring in a “bread box,” which is both incredible (we love diamonds, and we love bread!) and a risky business decision that could result in 22 people swallowing a diamond ring and ending up in the hospital.

“For those waking up feeling defeated, nothing perks you up better than unlimited coffee and a delicious baguette — and we’re leveling that up this year,” said Drayton Martin, vice-president of brand building at Panera Bread, in a press release. The official campaign announcement from Panera also clarified that your “#PaneraDate” could be “yourself, a significant other, friends or colleagues,” so any and all relationship statuses are welcome to enter the contest. You do, however, have to be 18 years or older. I assume that’s because this is the legal age for marriage and a bread bowl doesn’t want to accidentally marry a minor.

Panera’s Diamond in a Bread Box Is Actually Perfect