At Last, a Kiss for Roman and Gerri

Photo: Marion Curtis/StarPix/HBO Max/Shutterstock

Slime puppies, assemble! Your Mommy Queen and Goblin King have had a little kiss. Yes, Succession co-stars J. Smith-Cameron and Kieran Culkin — who I apparently need to specify is the brother of Macaulay — shared a celebratory smooch at the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Let the depraved fanfiction commence.

Last night, the Succession cast won for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. A much-deserved award for my rich and terrible family! When their win was announced, Culkin and Smith-Cameron celebrated in true Roman and Gerri fashion: with a kiss on the lips! Hell, yes! Like a perverted Disney princess, I have been healed by this kiss.

The way she holds his face! How she wipes her lipstick off of his mouth! After last season’s dick-pic debacle, chances of Roman and Gerri ever breaking their sexual tension seem slim. So I will take any scrap of intimacy Culkin and Smith-Cameron perform for the masses. These two know exactly what they are doing, and for that, I must clap.

Culkin and Smith-Cameron weren’t the only two Succession cast members to receive a celebratory kiss at the SAG Awards. Behold Oscar Isaac kissing Jeremy Strong on the cheek:

Gentlemen, please. I have work to do! How am I supposed to think about anything other than this picture for the rest of my day, week, life, etc.? This moment is the best and worst thing to happen to me.

As we all know, Strong is the most Method of Method actors. Thus, I can only assume this kiss was done in character, and I look forward to the next season’s relationship between Kendall Roy and Oscar Isaac, who will of course be playing himself.

At Last, a Kiss for Roman and Gerri