Corned Beef Is the New Millennial Pink

Beef bag! Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Telfar

Welcome to the future. Here, meat is the culture. We wear it on our faces. We fight over it in restaurants. And now we declare it the color of The Moment™.

On Friday at noon, Telfar is dropping a new color, pictured above, that will be available on some of its designer bags, belts, and hats. How would you describe the hue? A dusty rose? A deep millennial pink? Wrong! The name of the color is Corned Beef. Corned! Beef! I am obsessed with this gorgeous designer meat.

What’s not to love about a $150 bag in the same shade as your lunch? Imagine the absolute thrill of someone admiring your latest accessory, commenting on its color, and you get to say, “Oh, this? It’s just my Corned Beef bag.” It’s the perfect conversation piece if you’re looking for all your conversations to be about corned beef. It’s an elevated addition to the Gaga meat-dress universe. And, of course, it will look phenomenal alongside anything from Telfar’s Margarine collection.

But why stop at Corned Beef? Don’t we deserve an entire meat-inspired collection of colors? Picture a bucket hat in a lovely Sirloin, a belt in the color of barbecue sauce. Perhaps a plant-based meat collection is in order as well. I would love to shop a Boca Burger x Telfar collaboration.

In December, Pantone declared a shade of periwinkle the 2022 color of the year. Earlier, Sherwin-Williams said the color of the year will be Evergreen Fog, which is a gray-green. However, they were both wrong. The color of this and every year is Corned Beef. All hail the meat bag!

Corned Beef Is the New Millennial Pink