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19 Unique and Great-Smelling Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $150

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

Valentine’s Day is a great time to take a big sniff and really breathe in the scent of yourself or the other person you’re spending time with. Here are some great-smelling things, including perfume rooms, closets, bathrooms, or skin. Smell like a great mug of sleepy-time tea, a non-fussy rose, or a famous Jazz Age singer-spy. Here, 19 picks that will ensure you smell beautiful and special for Valentine’s Day.

Everyone on TikTok might smell like Baccarat, but do they smell like it all the way down to their toes? They can, because in addition to its perfume form, Baccarat has a scented body oil for a much more affordable price than the $245 bottle.

Every year, Diptyque does a special Valentine’s Day collection, and this one was created by Los Angeles–based florist (and judge on HBO Max’s Full Bloom show) Maurice Harris. If chamomile isn’t their thing, there are lychee- and rose-scented candles too.

If your beloved is more of an aesthetic homebody, this is both a candleholder and a candle and great for styling a living room. It’s also scented like the “fresh verdant aroma of peas.”

This cute soap is handmade with wild-harvested nopal cactus (indigenous to Mexico) and rose clay and is lightly scented with jasmine.

These scented wax discs can hang in a closet or on a rack to gently perfume garments and an enclosed space.

This perfume was named for, and made for, sheets. This linen spray is scented like rose and musk to give the effect of sleeping on rose petals.

Liis’s Studied scent has been raved about on TikTok for its ethereal, musky scent and as a replacement for Glossier You. Dakota Johnson is allegedly a fan.

Every D.S. & Durga product comes with a playlist. Also, richer than your average fig candle, this scent is inspired by the sacred fig tree from India.

Giving ’80s pool decadence with a smirk, Vacation has the Pool Boy candle that smells like suntan lotion, a single condensation droplet trailing down a cold glass, and lowering your sunglasses to talk to the beach attendant.

Get them a candle with a funny, sexy name and a sweet Champagne-and-strawberries scent to get you in the mood for date night.

L’eau Rouge is a light, slightly sweet rose scent from the brand’s new clean-beauty line, N°1 de Chanel.

From $43

This candle smells like sea salt, violets, and vetiver and makes a cute candle trophy after burning.

Gift the gift of luxury with this blend of dead sea salt and Epsom salts that is gently scented like a spa with eucalyptus, lavender, and juniper.

This candle was inspired by the scent of Josephine Baker’s boudoir and contains jasmine, amber, and rose.

With a similar rose sweetness, Delina is widely considered by reviewers to be the “new Chloé.”

There’s nothing cheugy or overly precious about this candle from Tom Ford that blends two types of roses with spice and has a patchouli base.

This is a very fancy soap strong enough to act as a sachet to perfume your underwear drawer or to scent the entire bathroom.

Created by Yasmin Sewell, each candle smells woody and smoky and is “blessed” by Louise Mita, a quantum energist.

For the person whose interior-design mood boards are full of Noguchi lamps and Ruth Asawa sculptures.

19 Unique and Great-Smelling Valentine’s Gifts Under $150