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Dax Shepard Once Dated Ashley Olsen and No One Told Me?

Imagine: It’s 2006. These two (pictured separately here) show up at your party together. What do you do? Photo-Illustration: The Cut. Photos: Getty Images

Please, have a seat. You’re going to need it when I tell you that Dax Shepard used to date Ashley Olsen. See? Aren’t you glad you’re sitting down? On a recent episode of his podcast, Armchair Expert, Shepard revealed that long before he and Kristen Bell got married and caught flak for how often they choose to bathe their children, he dated half of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Specifically, the Ashley half.

Toward the end of the episode — at about the one-hour-and-13-minute mark, if you’re curious — Shepard’s co-host, Monica Padman, mentions The Row, the Olsen twins’ clothing line. Shepard questions whether it’s “public record” that he and Ashley Olsen dated. Padman says it is. The rest of us say it absolutely was not.

Shepard says they dated “15 or 16 years ago,” circa 2006. (Shepard is currently 47. Olsen is 35. Do with that information what you will.) They apparently met at a party, where Shepard says he was “thunderstruck” by her beauty. It’s not clear how long they dated, but it was long enough for him to learn that Ashley Olsen is very good at Scrabble.

He admits that he gets why the two may seem like “a pretty weird pairing” but went on to say they shared a sense of humor. “[She’s] just super funny and sarcastic and intelligent,” he says. He also calls her “the most wonderful person.” She must have been very kind when she kicked his ass at Scrabble.

However, the most surprising revelation of the episode is that Dax Shepard has never seen Full House, a claim I find dubious. “I luckily never saw that show,” he said. “Because I probably wouldn’t have been able to be attracted to Ashley if I knew her as a baby.” Well, that’s … good?

Olsen has been dating her current boyfriend, artist Louis Eisner, since 2017. One time, they went on a hike where Ashley carried a machete in one hand and a drink in the other. So, okay, maybe I’m in love with Ashley Olsen too?

Dax Shepard Once Dated Ashley Olsen and No One Told Me?