Elon Musk Is Not Long for This World

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Elon Musk just welcomed his second presumably earthbound child with his on again, off again partner, Grimes, yet the billionaire is more determined to leave the planet than ever. In fact, according to Grimes’s new Vanity Fair profile, Musk’s current plan is to be in space by 2030.

Apparently, Musk told Grimes he wanted to leave for Mars in ten years back in 2020 when she was pregnant with their first child. “I said, ‘Could we make it 20?’” Grimes recalled. Asked about this declaration to a pregnant girlfriend, Musk said, “I’ve been saying since before she was pregnant that I was going to Mars.”

It’s true, Musk has made it no secret that he wants to live on Mars sooner rather than later. This is what SpaceX was built for, to get Musk and what I can only assume will be fellow billionaires to colonize other planets. In December 2021, Musk told Time magazine he would be “surprised if we’re not landing on Mars within five years.” He added, “The next really big thing is to build a self-sustaining city on Mars and bring the animals and creatures of Earth there.”

For what it’s worth, Grimes is reportedly trying to get Musk to delay a bit longer, but that doesn’t mean she’s not fully committed to getting him to Mars and, eventually, following him there. “I will probably go when I’m, like, 65 or so,” she told Vanity Fair. Well, okay, then.

Some may look at Grimes and Musk’s dream future on Mars and think it’s absolutely ridiculous, probably will never happen, and a huge waste of money, time, and resources that could be going to efforts to save the planet we’re already on, but Grimes thinks the Mars project is “for the benefit of humanity.” Regardless, I think I speak for everyone when I say, Elon Musk, I hope your dream of moving to Mars by 2030 comes true.

Elon Musk Is Not Long for This World