Kim and Pete Had a Little Photo Shoot

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Now that Kim Kardashian is legally single, she appears to be feeling emboldened to do all sorts of things like wrap herself in caution tape and tell women to work harder. She also decided to stage a spontaneous little photo shoot with her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, who didn’t exactly dress for the occasion but participated nonetheless, funky sunglasses and all.

Here we have another installment in the series of truly confounding date nights that is Kim and Pete’s relationship. It all went down in what appears to be the hallway of a luxury building, where I guess they were allowed to smoke a joint. In one picture, Pete seems to be blowing smoke into Kim’s mouth à la Che Diaz. Did Kim, who famously adores And Just Like That …, see this and think, Hmm, I should try that sometime?

Whatever her inspiration, she posted a carefully curated selection of these shots to her Instagram and Twitter accounts, coupled inexplicably with a scene from The Town, along with the caption, “Whose car are we gonna take?!”

I don’t know what any of it means, but I’m glad Kim hasn’t let her Carhartt-loving boyfriend stop her from dressing like a shaggy disco ball. Their total lack of outfit synergy only adds to the uncanniness of the entire event, which is in step with their last few date nights. At least they keep us guessing!

Kim and Pete Had a Little Photo Shoot