Kim’s Latest Balenciaga Outfit Is a Bladder’s Worst Nightmare

Photo: Gotham/GC images

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to choosing style over comfort. She’s recently popularized wearing long, skintight gloves 24/7 (imagine the sweat!), and let’s not forget her 2019 Met Gala corset. But nothing compares to the look Kim Kardashian wore to the Balenciaga Show at Paris Fashion Week. The newly single reality star showed up in Paris on Sunday, March 6, wrapped from head to toe in Balenciaga yellow tape, with only her hands and face free from the binding.

Kim’s skintight yellow caution-tape outfit wrapped around her entire body, including her pointed-toe stilettos and her Balenciaga purse. Now, tape, as we know, is not especially famous for being stretchy or breathable, which raises many questions. How is Kim Kardashian breathing with tape molded so perfectly to her chest and torso? How, exactly, is her blood circulation doing under there? And, most importantly, how does she pee?

You might be hoping that the outfit has a secret opening somewhere, or that it’s actually a two-piece with a bottom that can easily be removed and put back on, but, unfortunately for Kim’s bladder, this does not appear to have been the case. According to Vogue, Kardashian wasn’t just wearing tape. She did have some kind of thin protective layer of clothing underneath, described as “an athletic top and leggings,” but given the finished silhouette, these items must have been extremely thin. The magazine also reported that the Balenciaga tape “had been wrapped around her by hand.” So, basically, if she had to use the bathroom, she was out of luck. (Keep in mind, she not only sat through the show, but also posed for pictures, had to get finishing touches on her glam — all things that add minutes if not hours to the time she had to spend wrapped up in the tape.) I really hope for her sake that the show was at freezing temperatures. I’m getting sweaty just by looking at her.

The outfit reportedly squeaked every time she moved, as New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman noted on Twitter. Friedman also noted that the tape was so tightly wound, Kardashian was worried it would rip if she sat down and shared photos of a model wearing the same tape-wrap outfit walking in the official show. She also reported that Balenciaga would be selling the branded caution tape “so you can DIY it.” I think if I’m going to be recreating a Kim Kardashian look at home this season, it’s going to be joots. I like being able to feel all my fingers and toes, thank you.

Kim’s Latest Balenciaga Look Is a Bladder’s Worst Nightmare