Hey Fashion Friend: Where Can I Get a Cute Suit for a Summer Wedding?

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This summer, one of my oldest friends is getting married, and he’s asked me to be part of his “groom squad.” This means I have to get up in front of a room of mostly French people and say nice things about him, which shouldn’t be difficult. (Minus the language/sarcasm barrier.) What I’m more worried about is my outfit. I’ll be flanked by two of my other friends, who will both be wearing suits, so I think it would be cute if we matched somewhat. They’ve made it very clear that this is not necessary. “Don’t you want to look pretty?” one of them said when I told him I was thinking about wearing a suit, which only made me want to wear one more. If Kristen Stewart can wear shorts to the Oscars, I can find a hot-looking suit to wear to a wedding, dammit. I just haven’t found one yet …

When I asked around for suggestions, I discovered that a lot of women out there are looking to wear suits to weddings this summer. (I also discovered that suits are expensive.) Here are some suggestions I gathered, and some good ones I’m eyeing myself.

If You’re Going to Get Sweaty

Summer weddings are tricky because it’s hot as hell, but you also might be in a church or a setting where it’s frowned upon to show your shoulders. Wearing linen at least allows you the benefits of lighter, breathable fabric, and if you wear a three-piece suit with a vest, like this one, you can take off the blazer when you hit the dance floor.

Eloquii also makes a good pinstripe linen set if you’re leaning more toward a Godfather wedding look.

If You Want a Loose Fit

I’m not at all convinced that anyone actually looks good in oversize suits IRL. When I see someone like Natasha Lyonne (who is allegedly five-foot-three) wearing one, it gives me hope. But still — she’s wearing it for a photo moment, and she’s got professional swagger. (And, I’m sure, a great tailor.) I don’t know if I could pull it off. My aunt would probably be like, “Did you wake up at some guy’s house and run out the door? What’s wrong with you??” If you want to try, though, Frankie Shop does a good boxy silhouette.

So does Everlane and COS. You can get a matching blazer with the COS outfit, but I like it without, if you can get away with it. I also found a “dad” blazer, which is exactly what it sounds like.

If You Want to Show Off Your Legs

If you’re more of an “as if” person than an “I do” person, maybe channel Cher Horowitz with a miniskirt. Courrèges makes a classic set in a bunch of different colors. (I actually recently suggested that a bride wear one in white for her post-wedding brunch, and she was into it.) But if you’re looking for something cheaper, Zara has a variety in various colors. Aritzia also has a good pleated skirt. And Eloquii has a nice shorts set in the same blue as below.

The biggest criticism Kristen Stewart got at the Oscars was that she looked a little messy in her Chanel shorts and that her outfit seemed to be a relic from the early aughts. (I wore the same thing to my college formal, so this is true.) Maybe try something a little more tailored? Below are two options. (I also like this shorts set from 11 Honoré, but I’m afraid the bride might get mad at you.)

If You Want Something No One Else Will Have

There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of time and money finding the perfect wedding outfit, only to show up and see someone else wearing the exact same thing. To (almost certainly) avoid that, shop vintage. Doing so will also allow you to get designer pieces that you otherwise might not be able to afford. You can find a great Armani suit at Mirth, for example. (Also try Etsy or the RealReal, and if the sizing is off, just get it tailored. I recently bought a Prada suit that was three sizes too big, and now it’s perfect.)

I’m never fast enough to snag a suit at James Veloria, but its selection always has so much personality. I also check Arcade Vintage and Amarcord constantly for new stock. Readers suggested Maj Kiosk, Malin Landaeus, and Desert Vintage as well, the latter of which just opened on the Lower East Side. If you’re in the area, maybe go try on a sexy reconstructed suit at Dana Foley.

If You Want Something Vintage Inspired

Readers suggested I check out Behida Dolić up in Hudson. She’s got a great personal story, and I’m into her old-school style. I especially like the color of this corduroy set. (If you spill wine on it, nbd!)

If You Want Something Bespoke

Multiple readers also suggested Emily Meyer for custom-fitted suits. “Very pricey, but I love her,” said one. “She’s the coolest.” I’ve also heard good things about Bindle & Keep.

If You Want Bang for Your Buck

If you’re going to spend all this money on a suit, it would be nice to be able to wear it in regular life as well. Caron Callahan’s clothes feel formal because they’re super well-made and considered, but there’s also a casual quality to the fit and material.

If You Can Really Splurge

Go for it. You can always resell it if the couple gets divorced.

I love this. I think it’s hilarious. If only I could spend $4,000 on the luxury version of a tuxedo T-shirt.

When you stand up from your church pew to watch the bride walk in, everyone will actually be looking at the back of your extremely cool jacket.

The matching skirt can be worn with or without a tutu underneath, depending on whether or not your wedding is at Versailles.

Designer Peter Do is quickly becoming the tailoring mater of New York Fashion Week. This jacket in particular is a lovely way to do black tie.

If you can’t wear white, you might as well wear color, and Christopher John Rogers will guarantee that you’re the most vibrant person in the chapel.

Nothing’s more luxurious than expensive linen. One would hope you could wear this suit forever, to many different occasions.

If You’re Going to an Evening Wedding

I’m always slightly jealous of people who are only invited to the party portion of weddings. This means they can look like a disco ball, and not in the eyes of God.

If You’re Going to a Wedding in the Desert …

Just don’t accidentally wander into a time-warp cave like they do in Palm Springs. Buy a Bode suit and take shrooms instead. Or this Zara set.

… or at the Beach

I love the look of a bra beneath a suit, and maybe a beach wedding is an occasion where it works?

If You Want to Wear a Bedazzled Tie

This brand DM’d me on Instagram, and it’s got super-fun prints and colors to choose from. And matching berets! What more could you want?

If the Bride and Groom Are Chill

There’s a difference between oversize and a “relaxed” fit. I prefer the latter, because suits bearing that description are more like pajamas. (See: this pajama suit from Zara.) Silk makes me nervous in the summer, though, so I’d try linen.

If You Know Both of Them Super-Well

This jumpsuit will have people doing double-takes when they look at photos for the rest of time.

If You Want Something Unusual

Brands like Theory and Argent make good suits in good colors, but they’re too office-y for my taste. This is a special occasion! Acne does a good job of taking basics one step further in the weird department.

The Most Important Thing: Get the Fit Right

Whenever anyone asks me for advice about suits, the one thing I always tell them is that it doesn’t matter where you buy it or how much it costs; just get the fit right. Try it on. Get it tailored how you want. It’s worth it, trust me. Taking this one extra step will make you look like a million bucks.

Hey Fashion Friend: Where Can I Get a Cute Wedding Suit?