A New Zine Explores the Sexy Side of Cake

Illustration: Anna D Williams

I remember the first time I got a party invite that featured Lindsay Dye, a sex worker who was known for sitting on cakes. I must have re-read it ten times trying to figure out what “cake sitting” meant. Turns out it’s exactly what it sounds like. Enter the world of sex and cakes — a rich history that the new Cake Zine wants to teach you all about.

Created by Aliza Abarbanel, a food editor and writer, and Tanya Bush, a baker and writer, Cake Zine is a compilation of writing, art, and recipes that examine society through the lens of cake. The first issue is all about sex — in particular the connection between erotica and baking — diving into the history of the dessert, from archival newspaper ads telling housewives to “satisfy your husband’s cravings” to a recipe for “Better Than Sex Cake.”

“A lot of people see dessert as superfluous. It’s the final bite at the end of the meal and doesn’t really have substance,” Bush says. “I just felt like sweets do have significance, and they can be a really interesting lens through which to explore society. I wanted to probe it a little bit more critically.”

In interviews and essays (including one about Dye), recipes, illustrations, poems, and photographs, writers explore everything from the cake-as-sex metaphor to phallic cakes to how baking can be seductive. The zine is currently for sale online and will be available at the official launch party on April 28 at Honey’s Brooklyn, where you can enjoy some delicious cake, too.

A New Zine Explores the Sexy Side of Cake