I Would Go Shopping in Kim Kardashian’s Pantry

Photo: Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

There comes a time when we must admit that celebrities are just better than us normal people. They have giant, cream-colored houses with flat sinks. They go on double dates with Jeff Bezos. They wear impossible bodysuits for fashion and sell sleeves as arm shapewear. And they have meticulously organized pantries that would put your local bodega to shame. Okay, so maybe not all celebrities have all that, but Kim Kardashian sure does.

The woman who works recently gave Poosh, Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle site, a tour of her pantry, and it is packed with everything your snack-loving heart could possibly desire. It’s like a 7-Eleven, only if 7-Elevens were super-clean, organized, and beige. The pantry — or what’s shown of it — has two shelves, filled with goodies, that wrap around the otherwise empty room and two big fridges for drinks. The lower shelf has individual-serving-size snacks such as small bags of chips and applesauce pouches — your general kid-appropriate fare, no doubt for Kardashian’s four children. The higher shelf holds glass jars filled with other snack foods, including various kinds of chips, pretzels, rice cakes, and even Lucky Charms. It’s what I would imagine a Whole Foods pop-up might look like, and I am not ashamed to admit that I would absolutely shop there.

In a previous interview with Poosh that took place back when her pantry just had one shelf (gasp), Kim said she likes to have a very organized variety of snacks at the ready because of all her children’s “different dietary needs, dairy sensitivities, and different likes and dislikes.” And in the photos of her pantry, you can see that Kardashian still subscribes to that philosophy. Take the fridge, for example. It’s packed with regular milk, soy milk, oat milk, and at least four kinds of Pedialyte.

In addition to the snacks, Kim has also stocked her pantry with ceramic plates, cups, bowls, and teapots. Frankly, this seems like an odd pairing, but who am I to doubt the genius of Kim K’s designs? Truthfully, my main concern is how she keeps track of what food has expired or gotten stale. Is there an assistant tasked with checking all the expiration dates and testing food from the glass jars to make sure it’s still fresh? Where does all the food go?

I Would Go Shopping in Kim Kardashian’s Pantry