Yet Another Chaotic Double Date for Pete and Kim

Photo-Illustration: The Cut. Photos: Getty Images

At this point, I should not be surprised at anything Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian do. Their photo shoots are unexpected. Their date nights are unexpected. Their union itself is unexpected. And yet I see the words “Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went on a double date with Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez,” and I cannot help but say, “… Huh?”

This bizarre foursome was seen leaving the West Hollywood wine bar A.O.C. — no relation to the representative — on Monday night. TMZ has the pictures to prove it. The range in wardrobe between the four of them is astounding. Kim is wearing denim on denim and neon-green heels, like a yassified version of that all-jean outfit Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore two decades ago. Pete is in Uncle Paulie’s merch — you can get a matching hoodie from the famous deli for $80 if you would like a head start on your Pete Davidson Halloween costume. Sanchez, Bezos’s girlfriend and “alive girl,” is wearing a belted dress, which is very relatable to me. Were someone to ask me what to wear to dinner with Kim and Pete, I, too, would say, “I don’t know … an old homecoming dress and a chunky belt?” And who cares what Bezos was wearing (jeans and a nondescript black jacket).

This isn’t the first time Kim and Pete have hung out with Bezos. They apparently spent “hours” at the billionaire’s home earlier this year. What could these four possibly be discussing over a charcuterie board? Why Pete isn’t going to space anymore? How Kim had the audacity to create shapewear for your arms? That time Bezos joked about pushing Leonardo DiCaprio off a cliff? The weather?? Truly, who is to say? However, if Bezos doesn’t make a cameo on a future episode of The Kardashians, this will have all been for naught.

Yet Another Chaotic Double Date for Pete and Kim