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What Our Editors Are Gifting Their Moms

Photo-Illustration: The Cut

Here at the Cut we’ve been thinking long and hard about what to gift our moms. Besides coming up with a handful of gift guides, we also have a few other ideas in mind. This year we’re gifting pajamas from Kyiv-based brand Sleeper, pretty orchids from Urbanstems, a shacket (that’s a shirt jacket) you’ll want to borrow from mom, and even a cookbook favorite from Ina Garten. Read on to see what nine Cut editors are gifting their moms.

Ukrainian designers Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa founded Kyiv-based brand Sleeper in 2014. Many of their 120 mostly female employees have remained in Kyiv and some have joined the local army, while the brand is still paying their salaries. This year, to support their efforts trying to keep their brand and staff alive amid a devastating war, I will give my mom a pair of their roomy eco-rayon pajamas. — Joanna Nikas, Deputy Style Editor

My mom has been dropping hints that she wants Dieux’s Forever eye mask. So the plan is to send her some orchids from Urbanstems alongside the eye mask. I know she’ll be pleasantly surprised with both options. — Bianca Nieves, Shopping Editor

My mom is the hardest person to shop for. She’s spoiled with my press packages year round, so her beauty stash is already full of luxurious lipsticks, hand soaps, lotions, and more. But she’s very picky (I guess that’s where I get it from) so I watch her closely to see what she compliments me on most, and the past few months it’s been my shackets. She recently wore one of mine on a trip and bragged about how many compliments she got in the airport. I’d like mine back, so it’s a no-brainer to stock her closet with a few shackets for Mother’s Day. This denim Everlane one will go with everything and I know she’ll love the quality. She also needs some pop of color in her closet for spring so I’ll make sure to gift her a nice vibrant color, too. — Asia Milia Ware, Junior Writer

We are not really a cookbook family — everything from her arroz con gandules to her “Dominican spaghetti” are stored in her brain — but recently my mom has “gotten into” “new recipes.” Which has mostly consisted of me quickly reading off ingredients from whatever’s the top Google result for “white mac-and-cheese recipe” over the phone or her jotting down notes during a morning cooking segment. To make things easier, I’m gifting her a copy of Ina Garten’s Modern Comfort Food, as well as tickets for a cooking class together at Sur La Table for some hands-on practice. — Jen Ortiz, Deputy Editor

From $99

Last year for Mother’s Day I got my mom a Storyworth subscription, and I’d definitely recommend it if your mom, like mine, is the keeper of family history and lore. Every week for a year, Storyworth sends her a question about her family or childhood or some such (there are presets and you can also write your own). She replies with an email, which is shared with me. And at the end of the year, all of the stories are bound together in a book. She can upload photos to include as well, and I can order extra copies for my siblings. — Rachel Bashein, Managing Editor

My mom is very picky so I try to get her exactly what she asks for so she’ll actually enjoy it. She brings up these gift baskets from Harry & David all the time. My grandmother got one as a gift years ago, so this will be the year I finally gift her one. I have the Classic Favorites Gift Basket in mind, which includes a mix of fruits, chocolates, and cheese that she will hopefully share. — Chinea Rodriguez, Shopping Writer

I splurged on this luxurious Oribe hand scrub years back and use it every so often as a little treat. It smells amazing and makes my hands insanely soft. It comes with a gold device to squeeze out all that valuable stuff inside, which makes the whole experience feel extra-fancy. My mom loves investment pampering, so I’ll be gifting it to her alongside their hand cream. — Danielle Cohen, Blogger

What Our Editors Are Gifting Their Moms