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27 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

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For years, you have sworn you gifted your mom the best Mother’s Day presents out there, from DIY macaroni art to cozy robes and spa trips. This year, it’s time to outdo your past self and find something truly out of the ordinary.

To get you started, we searched high and low for the best unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Flowers are nice, but we know you can do much better. So we’ve rounded up a hot-pot starter set, a sourdough-bread kit made for foodies, plus puzzles, books, and jewelry unlike anything else.

For the Foodie Mom

Bring the restaurant experience home with this starter kit by Fly by Jing. It includes everything you need to make your favorite meal, from the temp-control hot pot to chopsticks and spoons.

For the Mom Who Loves to Bake

Not everyone gave up their baking habit from 2020, and if she didn’t either, she’ll love this kit that speeds up the process of making sourdough bread from several days to just 15 minutes.

For the Mom Who Loves Color

Available in a handful of shades, this rippled glassware is unlike anything she owns. Mix and match different colors or grab a set of your favorite hues.

For the Mom With a Green Thumb

She can grow plants, veggies, and herbs regardless of space or season with this garden that fits right on her countertop. The LED light mimics the sun to speed the growth process, and the device will remind her to keep the plants watered.

For the Mom Who Loves Puzzles

Gift her something more interesting and challenging than another city- or skyscape. This double-sided puzzle features psychedelic florals on one side and a black-and-white picture on the other.

For the Mom Who Loves a Challenge

Not your average plant: This set is a little less of a mystery since it comes with clear assembly instructions, but at over a thousand pieces, it’s as challenging as any puzzle. The end result is a plant she won’t have to worry about and she’ll want to keep on the shelves to proudly showcase.

For the Mom With Sophisticated Taste

Gift her this crate stuffed with unique cheeses to fill her cheeseboard and accompany her charcuterie. The set includes wildflower honey, dried fruits, and nuts for the ultimate pairings.

For the Mom Who Needs to De-stress

This diffuser that doubles as décor is perfect for filling with relaxing scents. It’s quiet, waterless, and portable so she can move it from room to room or keep it at her desk.

For the Mom With No Space

If she has a green thumb but no yard space, this kit is perfect for all seasons. It includes everything you need for growing lavender at home or at her desk.

For the Mom Who Loves Avocados

Good avocados are hard to come by, especially in certain seasons. This box starting at just $38 contains three pounds of avocados (roughly six to eight) for all her meal needs.

For the Mom Who Loves Candles

You’ve probably gifted her candles but nothing like this. When it’s finished, instead of wiping the container clean and using it for pencils or makeup brushes, she can pop in the seed paper and soil pod and grow a blend of culinary herbs.

For the Mom Who Needs Her Beauty Sleep


No more waking up to her iPhone alarm. Instead, this clock mimics the sunrise and wakes her gently with nature sounds or the radio.

For the Mom Who Truly Appreciates Comfort

These slippers include removable inserts filled with lavender that she can pop into the microwave for next-level coziness.

For the Mom Who Loves to Read

Starting at $50, the avid reader in your life can get anywhere from five to seven book options each month. From there, she can choose one to two books to read in her free time.

For the Mom Who Loves to Take Notes

Whether she’s highlighting favorite quotes from her Book of the Month Club reads above or making her daily to-do list, these transparent sticky pads are perfect for adding notes to any surface.

For the Mom Who’s Always Taking Pictures

This best seller turns all the pictures in her photo albums into stickers she can add to any surface. The teeny printer connects to any phone and fits in her bag.

For the Mom Who Loves Lipstick

Gift her this set she can refill with her favorite shades. It contains two moisturizing lipsticks, one matte and one cream, in flattering nude shades. Pro tip: Grab it on La Bouche Rouge’s site to personalize the kit by adding her initials.

For the Wine Mom

Gift her a subscription that delivers Champagnes and sparkling wines right to her door. Each box includes two to three sample bottles, tasting guides, and credit toward a full-size bottle of her favorite.

For the Mom Who Loves to Accessorize

Not your average earrings, this statement pair is the perfect alternative to her typical hoops.

For Grandma

All her grandkids’ artwork doesn’t have to live on the fridge or in frames. How about you print them up on this cozy blanket instead?

For Mom From Her Son

Perfect for filling with all her favorite pieces, this clear jewelry holder would look great on a shelf or dresser.

For Mom From Her Daughter

While your mom can use this teapot to brew up cups of her favorite teas, she can also brew up the pretty floral teas it comes with.

For Your Mother-in-Law

Choose from three kinds of balsamic vinegar and olive oil she can pair with salads, breads, and more.

For the Mom Who Loves to Hike

This sustainable, lightweight pair is made to withstand all her weekend activities. The shoes are waterproof, sturdy, and supportive, with a mega-grip for better traction.

For the Mom Who Has A Story to Tell

From $122

StoryTerrace pairs mom with a biographer who will interview her over a series of sessions and write out her story. She’ll get a hardbound book customized with full-color images and her memories immortalized in words.

For the Mom Who Takes Reapplying SPF Seriously

Avoid sunburn and heat rash with these stickers that turn clear when it’s time to reapply sunscreen.

For the Mom Who Likes to Stay Hydrated

LARQ Bottle
From $118
From $118

This bottle not only keeps water cool but also keeps it fresh with a self-cleaning button that neutralizes bacteria. You do have to charge it, but a single charge lasts a whole month.

27 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts