Did A$AP Rocky’s Grills Just Propose to Rihanna?

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Get your Fenty bridesmaid dresses ready because it kinda looks like A$AP Rocky proposed to Rihanna in a music video. The song, which we can safely assume is about Rihanna, is called “D.M.B.” (short for “Dat’s My Bitch”) and features a series of painfully cute scenes of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky being their flirty little selves. About three minutes in, there’s a close-up of Rocky’s mouth smiling to reveal a grill that says “MARRY ME?” The camera cuts to Rihanna, who has a grill of her own saying “I DO.”

After the proposal, we get various clips of Rihanna in a red dress and veil, holding a bouquet of roses while the couple heads down a hallway together, rose petals cascading down on them. The whole thing ends with a shot of the couple in the same formal outfits, smiling behind the overlain words “Fin.”

So, to recap: proposal, vows, veil, flowers, throwing petals. It all bears a striking resemblance to … a wedding?

A little detective work tells me this video was shot last summer, seeing as it features a pre-bump Rihanna as well as a few of the scenes they were photographed filming in the Bronx in July, during the early PDA-laden days of their public relationship. So this doesn’t exactly tell us anything new about the couple, who are currently expecting a baby. Have they been secretly married this whole time? Is this all just for art? Whatever the case, the mere idea of this “marriage” has caused my jaw to unclench for the first time this week.

Did A$AP Rocky’s Grills Just Propose to Rihanna?