Hey Fashion Friend: Help, I’m About to Be So Sweaty!

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It’s supposed to be above 80 degrees in New York this weekend, which means that we can finally be happy again but also that we’re all about to be extremely sweaty. I love summer here; the thick, stifling heat can sometimes feel sexy. But the other day, when it was humid out and I was trying to have a flirty conversation with someone and my hair was frizzy and my face was moist, sexy I did not feel. I wasn’t dressed properly, so it was my own fault. (Fleece? In May? Apparently, I hate myself.) Of course, sweating is natural and good. Let it rip! But it can make you feel uncomfortable if you’re, say, stuck in a soaking-wet fleece jacket all day — or worse, if other people can see that you’re stuck in a soaking-wet fleece jacket all day. Below, some suggestions from sweaty people about how to be hot and still feel hot this summer.


Be stragetic about your fabric choices …

This weekend, I made my annual pilgrimage to Uniqlo to stock up on linen shirts. On a scale of 1 to Loro Piana, they’re nothing to write home about. But if you throw them in the wash a few times, they get nice and soft, and I have no interest in paying a premium for what amounts to a napkin with buttons. They also dry really quickly.

I’m also so happy about these linen pants I got from Muji. They genuinely feel luxurious, even though they’re only $60, and I love the unusual “balloon” silhouette. Plus the drop crotch makes them extra breathable. I think I’m going to wear them with a black bodysuit so it’s tight on top and loose on bottom.

Everyone’s talking about “coastal grandmothers” and not actually knowing what that means. I’m assuming it’s aesthetically similar to Something’s Gotta Give, in which case: Get the white linen set.

Available in sizes XS to 3XL.


… but that doesn’t have to mean only linen.

Wearing linen to the club might be cool if you’re in Ibiza or Mykonos or something, but to me, it feels wrong. I prefer mesh for a night out.

Available in sizes XS to 4XL.


There’s also such a thing as washable silk.

I stay far, far away from silk in the summer. Sweat stains appear almost instantly on the fabric, and it’s not breathable. (How did Zoë Kravitz do it?) “Silk can be tricky since any sort of liquid — i.e. sweat or even water — can leave a stain and will need a dry-clean or at least hand-wash,” explains fashion assistant Vivian Chuang. “So for silk, sleeveless and flowy silhouettes are best.” She found a “washable silk” sleep set from Lunya, which “takes care of the dry-clean part,” she said, “but it’s marketed as thermo-regulating, and I don’t feel like it makes any difference.”


Get some air.

I recently discovered this brand called Tach, and I want it all, including this maxi dress with a nap-dress silhouette that essentially has built-in air vents.


Why not wear a bathing suit as a top?

I think I read somewhere that Norma Kamali used to wear bathing suits to go dancing at Studio 54, but even if that’s not true, I still think it’s a good idea, and I’ve taken it to heart. I don’t want to sweat through my bodysuit, and what if I suddenly want to just jump in a fountain one night? (Not happening.)

I also have this animal print dress from Rachel Comey that’s made out of what feels like bathing suit fabric and I love it. You can currently find it on some resale sites.


Here’s a deodorant hack.

Photo director Noelle Lacombe swears by her new sweat hack: “I put a little of the Ordinary’s glycolic acid on a cotton pad and wipe it under my arm. My understanding is that this sterilizes the area. (Smell comes from bacteria.) Then I let it dry for a bit and follow up with deodorant. I still sweat, but I don’t smell at all.” Magic!


And one if your feet get sweaty too.

When it’s superhot, I sometimes find myself slipping and sliding around in my sandals. The straw sole of espadrilles feels good on your feet and soaks everything up. (Sorry.)

Hey Fashion Friend: Help, I’m About to Be So Sweaty!