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New York’s Make-Out Queen Is Back at It

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

Just in time for spring, it looks as if “the queen of public makeouts” (according to “Page Six” in 2020) is back. This Sunday, Katie Holmes was spotted kissing her new boyfriend, Bobby Wooten III, while out and about in New York, giving Kourtney and Travis a run for their money.

According to the Daily Mail, which has pics, the two spent Mother’s Day together, which included a lunch date, take-out bags, a Citi Bike ride, and “several sweet kisses as they stood outside a brick building.” It’s not the first time they’ve been seen together. Last week, Holmes and Wooten — a 33-year-old Grammy-nominated composer and bass player who has performed with Carly Rae Jepsen and is currently in Moulin Rouge! The Musical — were spotted strolling through Central Park in matching white sneakers and holding hands. Wooten was even photographed hugging Holmes’s mom.

Most recently, Holmes dated pasta scion Emilio Vitolo Jr., the chef and co-owner of the New York City restaurant Emilio’s Ballato. Over the course of their eight-month pandemic fling, the two embarked on an impressive PDA tour of the city, including Soho’s Antique Garage, Central Park, and outside of Vitolo’s family restaurant, before calling it quits in 2021. It’s nice to see that even if she’s moved on, Holmes is still up for a steamy NYC make-out session. Is kissing on Citi Bikes next?

New York’s Make-Out Queen Is Back at It