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Does Kendall Jenner Know How to Cut a Cucumber?

Photo: GC Images

The Kardashian-Jenners have an odd history with vegetables. There’s the time Kylie Jenner ordered a single carrot on Postmates. There’s North West calling Kim Kardashian’s veggies from her home garden “disgusting.” And now we have a new vegetable to add to this Kardashian-Jenner crudité: the cucumber.

In the most recent episode of The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner makes herself a little snack. “You go, girl,” Kris encourages her. “I’m just gonna chop up some cucumber,” Kendall says. “It’s pretty easy.” Famous last words.

The way Kendall chooses to cut a cucumber in this particular clip is … a piece of performance art. It is camp. It is breathtaking and more confusing than whatever chopping method you are picturing. Please, gaze upon her technique:

She is cutting the thinnest slice of cucumber using her right hand, but she’s cutting from the left side of the vegetable. To stabilize the cucumber, she crosses her left hand over the knife, something that seems significantly more difficult than just turning the cucumber a bit. At one point, Kris yells, “Hey, chef. Do you wanna cut this up for her?” The nameless chef doesn’t respond, but Kendall insists on her chopping journey. “I am definitely not a good cutter,” Kendall admits in the clip, “so don’t zoom in on me.”

One tweet called the technique “the most tragic thing I’ve ever witnessed.” To which Kendall responded with a simple and resounding “tragic!”

As someone who open boxes of crackers like a raccoon clawing at garbage, I must admire Kendall’s method. It is neither efficient nor safe, making this an act of bravery. Regardless of how you feel about the way Kendall cuts a cucumber, I think we can all agree on one thing: At least she didn’t bite into it whole.

Does Kendall Jenner Know How to Cut a Cucumber?