Imagine Willingly Inviting Cockroaches Into Your Home

Photo: Getty Images/EyeEm

We’re halfway through June, and you’re probably already bored of summer activities like going to the beach and thinking of new ways to eat tomatoes. Have you considered releasing 100 cockroaches into your home?

The Pest Informer, an extermination company in North Carolina, has an exciting offer for consenting homeowners across the country: For $2,000, the company will test out a new pest-control technique by filling your home with roaches and filming the results. According to an announcement posted to its website, the Pest Informer is currently seeking “5-7 household owners” willing to let the company release “~100 American cockroaches” into their homes.

Should the roaches outlast 30 days under this experimental new form of pest control, the company will provide a free traditional extermination in your home, where roaches will have been allowed to flourish (and presumably reproduce?) for an entire month. According to the company’s founder, David Floyd, the company has done this experiment before in friends’ and family members’ houses, though there’s no mention of whether they were successfully able to rid the houses of bugs once the trial was over. I have thankfully never had 100 cockroaches in my home, but I’ve had a few, and they weren’t too pressed to leave even with “traditional” treatments. Either way, the result of a successful extermination is a bunch of dead roaches around the house. Imagine waking up every morning to a sea of half-dead vermin in your kitchen. To put it mildly, no thanks!

Astoundingly, Floyd informed NBC that over 2,200 applications were submitted as of Monday. It’s not clear what the rest of the application process will entail (consulting applicants’ neighbors? Tests of endurance? Scream assessments?), but the company will be accepting submissions until the end of July. Just in time for murder-hornet season!

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Imagine Willingly Inviting Cockroaches Into Your Home