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Amazon Prime Day 2022: All the Best Deals

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

Amazon Prime Day might be coming to an end but Bezo’s capitalist baby is still offering a handful of deals on things you already needed but were waiting for the right discount to add to cart; things you suddenly need that you weren’t even aware of before this second; and plenty of things you can do without but still want.

If you don’t want to partake in scrolling through the maze that is Amazon’s website (or app) and deciphering what’s worth it, the Cut Shop team has unearthed all the Prime Day deals to take advantage of before the clock strikes midnight on July 13.

Below, we’ve included links to our separate lists rounding up the best deals in our favorite categories — and spotlighted a few standout deals, too. (We know you already have too many tabs open.)

Best Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

You know how you always forget how much your beauty products all cost until you finish them off all around the same time and you’re left with a checkout total that’s well over budget? Yeah, Prime Day beauty deals are here to help you stock up accordingly on your hair tools, lip balms, and sunscreen, all while saving your beauty budget.

This year Amazon has slashed the prices of its luxury beauty offerings, which include some of our favorite brands like Laneige, Oribe, NuFace, and more.

Top Prime Day Beauty Deals

Top Prime Day Dental Care Deals

Top Prime Day Hair Care Deals

Best Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals

From Levi’s and Alo Yoga to Ray-Ban’s and New Balance, Amazon is offering up to 40 percent off these brands during Prime Day. But don’t forget to browse Amazon’s Essentials pieces. Whether you need new white tank tops for summer, crisp button downs that double as swimsuit coverups, or just need to stock up your underwear and bra drawer, the deals have you covered. Listen, it might not sound as fun as new headphones, but they’re just as good.

Top Prime Day Clothing Deals

Top Prime Day Accessories Deals

Best Amazon Prime Day Tech & Lifestyle Deals

These are the tech gadgets and gizmos people actually look forward to shopping during Prime Day. You might not need another swimsuit or pair of sunglasses, but that vacuum everybody is raving about on TikTok? Or that Kindle that will (hopefully) motivate you to tackle your TBR list? Yes, you certainly need those, especially if they are on sale.

Top Prime Day Tech Deals

Top Prime Day Lifestyle Deals

Top Prime Day Kitchen & Home Deals

All the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals in One Place