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What Do All These Harry Styles Videos Have in Common?

Photo: Harry Styles/Youtube

I don’t know much about Harry Styles personally — I’ve never met the man — but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that he really, really likes orgies. He loves them so much he’s made three music videos about them — three!

Styles’s orgy trilogy began in 2019 with the release of “Lights Up,” a video that featured the pop star, sweaty and half-naked, frolicking around in the moonlight with other sweaty, half-naked people across the gender spectrum. They danced, they touched, they danced and touched at the same time. It was all very sensual and free. The orgy sequel didn’t come until 2020’s “Watermelon Sugar” video, which opens with this telling statement: “This video is dedicated to touching.” Okay. That video, again, featured half-naked people touching and dancing, this time eating watermelon on a beach in the daylight. For his third entry in the orgy trilogy, the “Late Night Talking” video, Styles has ditched all pretense. This time, the orgies aren’t masked as massive dance parties or seaside picnics, they’re in beds. Lots and lots of beds. With lots and lots of bedmates.

The plot of the latest video is simple: Styles, alone in bed, dives under the sheets to find people to share the mattress with. And boy, is he successful. He cuddles in bed with many people of various genders. When he’s not cuddling in bed, Styles is being pelted by pillows in a giant pillow fight. You know, classic orgy stuff. “Late Night Talking” ends with him alone, laying in bed, sailing off into the sky.

I can only imagine what will come next.

What Do All These Harry Styles Videos Have in Common?