North West Is Now Making Art With Human Hair

Photo: Marc Piasecki/WireImage

First, North West took Paris Fashion Week by storm with her goth style (and expert paparazzi trolling). Now, she’s bringing her emo aesthetic to Yeezy with some exceptionally creepy drawings.

Kim Kardashian shared some sketches by North on social media this weekend, showing off her eldest daughter’s skills. Kim first shared photos of North trying on a pair of “YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ” at what appears to be Kanye West’s Yeezy workshop. The futuristic, reflective sunglasses wrapped around North’s entire 9-year-old face, giving off major astronaut vibes. She also shared a photo of North taking a selfie of herself in these SHDZ. (Perhaps we can expect a mother-daughter sequel to Kardashian’s Selfish coffee-table book?) But the real art came later, when Kim posted photos of North’s objectively creepy original artwork.

North seems to have created sketches of what looks like alien faces wearing some more narrow Yeezy shades. What’s more worrisome is the use of hair — synthetic or human, who’s to say? North wove loose braids into her masterpieces, with one alien head growing a braid out of its mouth. (Or maybe it’s just really long nose hair? It’s hard to tell.) The other alien head has braids growing out of her head, but something else entirely coming out of its mouth. That drawing is actually eerily similar to the “emo mood” art Kim showed off in her Vogue “Objects of Affection” video, which featured a similar head shape, with a large tongue-like object coming out of its mouth.

Kim shared the images with the caption, “North sketches for Yeezy,” but if I were her, I’d keep these designs for myself. North West, I await your inevitable goth clothing line.

North West Is Now Making Art With Human Hair