Hey Fashion Friend: I Want to Live in a Slip Dress

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Last spring, while figuring out what to wear for my birthday, I bought a vintage Victoria’s Secret maxi slip dress on Depop for $25. I wore it not only to celebrate my Aries self but also to go hiking during my trip to Aspen, Colorado. Chic.

Was it the most sensible and practical choice? Not at all, but I definitely livened up the trails, which were filled with Lululemon athleisure. Some boob sweat might have been involved too, but isn’t that kind of hot? As the obé instructor from my latest workout class said, “I prefer to have beads of sweat blinding my eyes than to be cold.” Talk to me again in December.

Now that we’ve officially reached the point of summer when it’s too hot to wear anything, my slip-dress collection has multiplied, and my friends and peers agree that it is the one garment that is socially acceptable to wear while trying to avoid (most) sweating, going to a beach wedding, or simply biking around the city.

“I love a maxi-length style because they can easily be dressed up and down,” fashion editor Eliza Huber, a fellow slip-dress enthusiast, shared over email. Huber wears it layered with a tee or knit underneath, or a corset on top. She also might add a beaded belt or around-waist sweater, and always pairs it with strappy sandals or sneakers. “There’s really no limit.”

There is one unspoken principle when it comes to purchasing the perfect slip dress, though: Some of our favorites are secondhand or vintage. We’ve recommended several that you can purchase at your local thrift store, your favorite Depop seller, or where I find a lot of mine: Etsy and Ebay.

If the dress doesn’t look like grandma’s “fancy pajamas,” Farrah Fawcett’s look in Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story, or something you could spot on a supermodel from the ’90s, we don’t want it. So if you too wish to join the bandwagon and live in a slip dress this summer, I’ve found a few options that check off all the boxes.

If You Want a Glorified Pajama

Look past the wrinkles and score this slip dress before I do, honestly. It’s quite similar to the one I found on Depop, which started this obsession. It has a front slit that would rival even the best-selling Reformation dress.

Save a few bucks by searching for vintage La Perla slips instead of its current options.

Fashion news writer Danya Issawi dreams of owning a slip dress from Eveliina’s vintage shop. “They’re so beautiful and ethereal but so expensive.”

Reformation has a dress just like this but triple the price (we’ve included it below), and this number is more unique than the viral A&F TikTok dress. Do with that information what you will.

If You’re on a Budget

If you’ve held out from purchasing anything that your TikTok FYP has showed you, you might want to reconsider with this slip dress. One user has bought it in every color and swears by it.

Say hello to one of the fashion items that Cut readers bought the most during Prime Day.

Okay, technically this is not a silk or satin slip dress, but it is still a slip dress. One that our beauty writer Asia Milia Ware swears by.

Everlane’s summer sale might be over, but you can count on the brand to have great options, like this slip dress for under $100.

If You Want to Be Like Zoe Kravitz

Don’t lie to yourself. We’ve all coveted this dress ever since The Batman actress was spotted wearing while laughing alongside Channing Tatum. (What could’ve been that funny?)

If You’re Into Nostalgia Dressing

Eliza Huber said this is one of her favorite slip dresses.

Nothing says ’90s like a slip dress you can perfectly layer over your white tank tops and graphic tees.

We tried on Reformation’s Provence dress recently and found that it is really flattering. But do note that the main seams of the dress are constructed poorly considering the $278 price tag.

The description of this dress says that is was inspired by ’90s supermodel style. And while the price tag is quite steep, first-time Frame customers can use the code THECUT20 to get 20 percent off until August 29. The downside of this discount is that it does not apply to collaborations, including FRAME x Ilona Hamer and FRAME x Ritz Paris.

When I asked the team for their favorite slip dresses, our deputy style editor, Joanna Nikas, didn’t miss a beat before recommending the ones from Nili Lotan.

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There’s something about this dress that invites you to wear it with Dr. Martens creepers and socks.

I’m wearing this dress as I type. It’s both hand-dyed and sewn in Austin, so considering it has a similar price point to Silk Laundry and Reformation, I’d say it is more than reasonable. Plus: You’ll be supporting an independent designer.

Hey Fashion Friend: I Want to Live in a Slip Dress