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Doja Cat Doesn’t Think Hair Is ‘Cool’

Photo: @dojacat/Instagram

Doja Cat has many talents. She’s really funny; she can pee really fast; she makes great music (even though she claims to be quitting); and now, apparently, she’s a hairstylist. Well, maybe not a stylist, but last night on Instagram Live, she shaved off all of her hair. Why? “I feel like I was never supposed to have hair anyway,” Doja said to her followers. “I cannot tell you one time since the beginning of my life that I was like ‘this is cool.’” Fair enough.

Over the years, the Planet Her rapper has had a handful of hairstyles including short blonde bangs, a sleek ponytail, and long bubblegum-pink tresses. So we have no doubt that she is going to have fun with this new look. Will she tattoo her head? Dye it multiple outrageous colors? Or will she shave funny signs and symbols into her head? We’ll have to wait and see.

Doja also seems to be ditching wigs, because they were distracting her from working out: “I was more focused on how I looked and how to keep it adhered to my scalp,” she said on Live. (As a Black woman, I can relate that it sometimes feels like you have to choose between your beauty and your health when going to the gym and trying to maintain your hair. So we don’t blame her one bit.)

In true Doja fashion, though, she didn’t stop at shaving her head: She also shaved … her eyebrows. Some viewers cheered her on as she said she was going to shave them “for clout,” while others deterred her from doing so. She grabbed shaving cream and a razor and got to buzzing. She claimed that she barely has eyebrows anyway, so why not?

Doja Cat Doesn’t Think Hair Is ‘Cool’