Katy Perry, Patron Saint of Pizza

Photo-Illustration: The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

If there’s one thing Katy Perry loves even more than giant novelty costumes, it’s pizza. You may recall Perry wearing a series of pieces of pizza-themed apparel (bathing suit, earrings, onesie) in rapid succession in 2014, and even though many of us have moved on from pizza as an object of cultural fascination, Perry’s enthusiasm for the food has not faltered. If you don’t believe me, please consider this video of Perry hurling pizzas haphazardly into a crowd at a Las Vegas nightclub this weekend.

What Perry was doing in Las Vegas, and how an enormous box of pizza ended up behind the DJ booth of this nightclub, I do not know, but frankly none of that matters. What matters is Katy Perry bopping around in a pink minidress, taking pizza slices out of the box and nihilistically tossing them into the masses like cheesy little Frisbees.

For some reason, Perry put some of the pizza slices on paper plates before surrendering them to the laws of centrifugal force. After they left her hands, they proceeded to spin chaotically through the air, through several unwashed clubgoers’ hands, and then to fall unceremoniously onto the floor. I have a feeling many inebriated Katy Perry enthusiasts ate them anyway.

Katy Perry, Patron Saint of Pizza