Kim Kardashian Bravely Takes a Shot On-Camera

Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

The Kardashians have an unmatched talent at making everyday activities look somehow challenging. For example, cutting a cucumber or walking up stairs. But a recent video of Kim Kardashian has revealed to me that, actually, sometimes the things they try are truly hard. For example, taking a shot. Personally, I have not enjoyed tossing undiluted liquor down my trachea since I was 22, and neither, it appears, does Kim Kardashian, who recently had the misfortune of being filmed while trying to do just that.

In a video compilation Kylie Jenner posted to TikTok of her 25th-birthday party on a yacht, Kim can be heard asking, “Does anyone have a shot I can take?!” to many cheers from the party attendees. She’s on a boat! She’s (allegedly) newly single! What better time to take shots?

This wildly optimistic moment, it turns out, foreshadows a harrowing clip toward the end of the montage where Kim downs a shot of mystery liquor before promptly spitting it into the juice glass that was supposed to be her chaser. Between pained coughs, she chokes out, “It’s so fucking nasty.” Please, behold the face of someone realizing they’ve made a huge mistake:

Regurgitated alcohol aside, Kylie’s party looked pretty fun. It took place on a yacht, suggesting Kylie has abandoned all efforts to seem relatable or ecologically responsible following reports of her taking a three-minute private-jet ride. Kendall and Kris were there (no word on whether they took shots), as was Kylie’s friend Stassie Baby, who is herself famous for having a birthday party full of other, more famous people. Kylie held a little gift-opening session that revealed a new Hermès Birkin bag from Kris (I guess they haven’t listened to Renaissance yet) and spent a while posing in front of a big fireworks display. As illustrated in a separate moment from the video, Kylie herself did take at least one shot without so much as wincing. Cheers to that!

Kim Kardashian Bravely Takes Shot On-Camera