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Another Gender Reveal Ends in Environmental Disaster

Photo: Ryuji Okuen/Getty Images/EyeEm

Welcome to yet another round of gender-reveal-disaster Mad Libs. Previously, these cursed events have ended in such fatal catastrophes as wildfires, explosions, and plane crashes. This time, a gender-reveal party in Brazil has reportedly managed to contaminate the water source of a nearby town after dyeing an entire waterfall blue.

The couple who threw the party has not been identified but allegedly posted photos and videos of the event on social media before deleting them the next day. I wonder why? Screenshots published by the Daily Mail show the blurred-out parents celebrating in front of the unnaturally vivid 60-foot waterfall and a giant crane made of balloons. The river, which has been identified as the Queima Pé, reportedly feeds into the nearby town of Tangará da Serra, where multiple droughts have already affected the water supply.

It’s still not clear whether the stunt has affected the quality of Tangará da Serra’s water beyond, you know, turning it bright blue for a while. While one man who Brazilian outlets say was involved in the stunt has denied any chemical products were used, the water certainly doesn’t look safe to drink. The state secretary of environment in Mato Grosso, where the river is located, announced that local authorities had launched an investigation to determine whether the couple committed an environmental crime. In the meantime, congratulations to these two on not killing anyone, but maybe don’t inflict your assumptions about your child’s gender on an entire town via their drinking water? Just a thought.

Another Gender Reveal Ends in Environmental Disaster