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Do You Need Hermès Blotting Papers?

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photo: Retailer

What Is It?

Hermès Beauty celebrated New York Fashion Week with a launch for your face: complexion balms, highlight and translucent powders, brushes, and $45 blotting papers (yes, $45 blotting papers!). (The luxury brand’s first foray into beauty was in 2020 with Rouge Hermès lipsticks.) At a private event held at the Hermès Meatpacking District store during fashion’s big week, I tested out the products to (1) see what $45 blotting papers actually look like and (2) determine what’s actually worth your cash.

Do I Need It?

Okay, hear me out: The blotting papers actually do blot your skin without moving your foundation. Plus, they’re packaged in the signature orange Hermès box that will make your local hypebeasts seethe with envy. Sure, they are $45, so what you are paying for is the chicness of having Hermès blotting papers. And it’s the closest most of us are getting to a Birkin, so! The translucent matte powder instantly took the oily shine off of my face without leaving my complexion dull or ghostly looking as some translucent powders do to darker skin tones.

The new brushes are pretty good, too. So chic. Designed by Pierre Hardy (just like their lipsticks and nail polishes), they feature sleek, clean lines finished with gold to hold the smooth and soft hair fibers of the brush. I loved them so much that I already have the air-powder brush in my purse as my new go-to and a few light dabs get the job done.

The weightless and sheer skin tint lightly covers imperfections and gives the skin a subtle radiance. From the 11 shades available, I matched shade 85, which was a warm amber that complemented my neutral undertones. If you’re not a skin-tint person like me and you already have your go-to tinted moisturizers or foundations, then I suggest you skip it and drop your $$$ on something else from the line since they make for great conversation starters. (Trust me and keep reading.)

What Are People Saying?

When I posted the H-adorned blotting papers to my Instagram Stories, the influx of DM comments all screamed the same thing: “I need these right now.” I don’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to pull these out at a dinner table?

It’s an obnoxious flex and we’re here for both the laughs and oil-free skin. But you can’t have mine, so don’t ask.

How Do I Get It?

Hermès Beauty is available at as well as major luxury retailers like Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale’s.

Do I Need Hermés Blotting Papers?