Hey Fashion Friend: How Do I Dress for the Weather Right Now?

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A video came up in my TikTok feed this week that was embarrassingly on the nose. It featured a woman moving her sleeveless black turtleneck to the back of her closet and pulling out a long-sleeved one instead. “New York girlies when there’s the slightest chill in the air,” read the caption. Okay, yes. But also, hang on. It’s still at least 65 degrees out, meaning it’s far too early for the annual “changing of the guard,” as they call it. As much as I love a good turt, I’d argue that the answer to “transitional dressing,” or that awkward period between summer and fall when it’s still nice out, is a short-sleeved mock neck. They’re universally flattering, highlighting the most elegant part of your arms and neck. Plus they’re easy to throw on and go with everything. Pair one with a pleated wool midi skirt instead of a mini, plus some cute little socks, and you’re set. You don’t need to spend a lot of money — the season is fleeting anyway. But with one or two pieces and some styling, you can make what you already have work. And maybe open the window before you get dressed?

Try a Short-Sleeve Mock Neck Before a Turtleneck

Even the T-shirt version of a black mock neck (styled with jeans, no less) looks elevated. These sleeves are just the right length.

This T-shirt mock neck seems to be made of a slightly more substantial fabric than the one above, so it might be warmer.

I have a thing against ribbed sweaters; they bunch up weirdly and are just not as soft or flattering. For some reason, a lot of black short-sleeved sweaters are ribbed. But not this one! (Well, except the neck…)

If you’re really committed to the mock neck over a turtleneck, here’s another sweater option with longer sleeves.

This version is a little baggier and more casual, which I also like.

And if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop “transitional dressing” solution, you might as well go with a maxi dress. I’d style this with a belt and ballet flats and wear it to work and then dinner and drinks.

Go From Mini to Midi

Mrs. Prada made everyone crazy for miniskirts this spring, but don’t sleep on her wool maxi skirts, either. Below I’ve included her (more expensive) version, but this is a good dupe.

You can see below that the Prada version has a nice volume to it, which is hard to find. I like this style from Etsy because you can get it customized and it has a belt loop.

Wear Socks With Summer Footwear

If we’re embracing Prada, (which, always), I like to wear socks with my heels, flats, or loafers as the weather gets colder. These sheer ones from Wolford make the look a little less nerdy and a little more sexy. And they’re thin enough to fit into any pair of shoes. Plus they protect those terrible blisters you no doubt got this summer.

Not to be a creep, but I saw stylist Danielle Goldberg wearing these with a pair of The Row loafers during fashion week and now I need them for myself.

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Hey Fashion Friend: How Do I Dress Between Seasons?