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Fashion Friend: Are You From New York Even?

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“Are you from New York even? Do you have a big black puffer jacket even?” are the infamous questions that come around every winter. You’ve probably seen the viral clip on TikTok. But if you’re a native New Yorker like me, you heard this every winter. Growing up, I would religiously watch the news and wait for the weatherman to announce it was going to be a crisp 50 degrees because that meant it was time to bring out my most coveted puffer coats from the closet.

From Baby Phat’s cropped puffer coat with the signature cat on the back, which everyone had in middle school, to the belted Michael Kors puffer coat that became my most prized possession in high school, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t that girl when I was wearing them. In fact, I still am that girl even when I’m not wearing my puffers. Sure, peacoats and trench coats are cute, but the energy of a puffer coat is unmatched.

These days, I’m obsessed with puffer coats even more than I was as a teenager. I have a puffer coat for every occasion, from date nights to running errands to going to the gym. (I actually have puffers that are just for the gym because I like the way they complement my body with my leggings. I know it sounds extra, but again, are you from New York even if you’re not that extra and particular about your puffers?)

Even if you’re not from New York, puffer-coat weather is upon us, so let me help you choose the best ones. From the original New York puffer brands such as the North Face and Moncler to puffers with some extra flair, below are 20 options that will keep you warm and stylish.

The Lightweight One

Uniqlo is known to have the most lightweight yet warm puffers, and they’re affordable.

The Quilted Puffer

Quilted coats have become a staple lately. Everlane’s quality of jackets is unmatched, and this quilted-puffer hybrid can take any outfit from basic to trendy.

For the Cropped Lover

I’ll admit: Cropped puffers are my favorite. I love the way they emphasize my waist. They’re also so fun to style because you can pair them with anything from high-waisted leather pants to a curve-fitting dress.

The OG

Moose Knuckles coats are a signature for New Yorkers, and they last for years, so you’ll have it for countless winters.

Or the Corduroy Puffer

If you prefer another texture, like corduroy, this option is simple and cozy.

For When the Brutal Cold Hits

It’s long and extra puffy, and the contrasting red adds some flair to it. This could be an outfit all by itself with some boots.

For Rainy Days

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the puffers stay in. This water-resistant material will leave you dry and still fly.

If You Like Being Extra

A puffer cape — because why not? I’ve been holding on to this in my closet, but I think it’s time to bring it out soon. It’s the iconic and trendy puffer style blended with a chic cape shape. The color is a statement in itself.

The Vest and the Double OG Brand

There’s an unwritten New York rule that you get extra cool points if it’s a Moncler. The vest is just as warm and versatile as the coat.

The Slightly Oversize One

Oversize puffers add another layer of New York energy because of the shape. This boxy shape has a slightly oversize silhouette, and the collar is a chic finishing touch.

The Brand Every New Yorker Loves

North Face was cool then, and it’s still cool now. This two-toned cropped coat can be dressed up or down, and there’s nothing like a signature North Face logo at the top corner.

If You Love Prints

I really like buying men’s puffers because they have a boxy oversize fit that’s fun to layer and style. Plus it doesn’t get any more New York than this paisley print.

For the Leather Obsessive

This was the puffer I couldn’t put down last season because it goes with everything. It’s like the winter accessory that keeps on giving.

The Belted Option

The Standout Puffer

Mackage is another brand that is part of New York City culture. This ombré one is statement making and will turn heads on any street.

If You Like Cozy Blankets

Then you probably like duvet coats too. TikTok discovered Aritzia’s puffers, so this will probably be all over the New York streets soon.

For the Faux-Fur Lover

I used to be obsessed with faux-fur vests, but this puffer marries my two favorites for a sporty twist on the trend. Apparis coats are also very warm.

The Professional Puffer Lover

Because who says you can’t wear pufferlike attire in meetings? This piece perfectly blends my obsession with puffers and blazers, and I’ll probably be living in it all fall.

If You Love Fur Hoods

Something about hoods always bothered me — maybe it was the way they fluffed up my silk press — but if you like to be extra warm, this hooded coat is a great length and will keep your head toasty.

If You Aren’t Ready to Commit to a Puffer

I like to think of this as the hybrid puffer because it’s not fully a puffer but also not fully a regular jacket. Canada Goose is another brand that will forever go down in New York City puffer history.

Fashion Friend: Are You From New York Even?