Excuse Me, Who Is This British Baking Show Hunk?

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You may have returned to The Great British Baking Show this season hoping the pitter-patter of quirky accents and low-stakes butter crises would soothe your mind and soul and found yourself sorely disappointed. Perhaps disoriented by the transition of the monarchy, the show seems to be leaning harder into chaos. This week, I had the displeasure of seeing hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas don sombreros to announce an ominous-sounding “Mexican week,” where a handful of white Brits tasted and evaluated some purportedly Mexican baked goods. Meanwhile, judge Prue Leith decided this season would be a great time to release a memoir in which she recounts drowning a bag of newborn kittens when she was 11 at the request of her mother. Needless to say, I am no longer feeling soothed by her chunky necklaces.

However, not all of the chaos is bad. It has come to my attention that this season’s contestants include an absolute hunk: Sandro Farmhouse.

Sandro is causing a stir in the GBBS fan community, who are (understandably) pretty hot for him. I can see why. Personally, I’m waiting for the season to end so I can devote a future winter weekend to watching all the episodes in one sitting while knitting a scarf, but that did not stop me from stumbling across an arresting selfie of Sandro. Behold:

According to his bio on the GBBS website, Sandro is a part-time nanny who does virtual baking classes for children with autism. His last name is literally Farmhouse, which brings to mind a vivid fantasy about this man baking bread for me in a converted barn somewhere in the English countryside. He is apparently “passionate about fitness,” which explains his general physique.

However, it does not explain his decision to wear tight-fitting tees and that gold chain, two notoriously sexy garments that do not belong anywhere near a sack of flour. His skin is frequently aglow with the light of a thousand suns — or maybe just sweat from filming inside a tent in the summer. He has some artfully layered gold jewelry, and he can even pull off that delicate little nose ring.

Whoever runs the show’s Twitter account seems to agree:

As a bonus, here is Sandro with another of the show’s contestants and resident hotties, Rebs:

If the term “soggy bottom” is any indication, The Great British Baking Show has a generally sexless vibe, so you can imagine how jarring it is to see this tattoo-laden, neck-chain-wearing man here, of all places. Respectfully, those aprons are not designed to accommodate pecs.

But Sandro and his pecs have already made it to episode four, a.k.a. Mexican week. While I question his choice to honor, um, Mexico by sticking a mustache on a colorful tres leches cake, he was unfortunately far from the only contestant to showcase cultural insensitivity. Generally speaking, he seems to be pretty talented, so hopefully he will stick around to make some less offensive desserts. Insert a double entendre about his biscuits here.

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Excuse Me, Who Is This British Baking Show Hunk?