9 Launches We Tried and Loved in October

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers

October means an introduction to a real New York fall. As a beauty writer who tries several products per month, it also means changing your beauty routine to get you through the colder days. Enter new product launches to meet the weather. Here are some of the best products that launched this month that I tried and loved.

This month, I keep picking up this moisturizer up again and again. Why? Its light gel-like texture is a thirst quencher for my combo skin in the morning. This moisturizer will also get you through the fall days when you need hydration but don’t want a heavy cream just yet.

Bond No. 9’s latest fragrance, Chelsea Nights, has in fact survived a few Chelsea nights with me this fall so far. The gourmand scent has oud oil that is extremely powerful, but once it settles in, the vanilla notes leave a warm fragrance that’s perfect for girls’ night.

There are a bunch of anti-aging lines, and last month Chanel launched one: Le Lift Pro. The line is formulated with melipona enzymatic, an ingredient that is said to correct the appearance of advanced signs of aging. The serum is what I immediately fell in love with because of how it redefined my skin’s texture after a few uses. Plus the hyaluronic acid added loads of hydration to my skin. I see extra lifting results when I use the serum with Chanel’s massaging tool. Talk about a snatched jaw! I haven’t had a facial in over a month and you absolutely can’t tell.

Speaking of face-lifting, I love NuFace innovations, and last month it launched another device in their family, the Trinity +. If you love the original NuFace or NuFace Trinity, you’ll love this addition. It can be used with three attachments including LED red-light therapy that treats wrinkles, redness, acne, and more. That plus facial toning? Immediately yes — I’ve been in love since I opened it.

Lawless’s lip-plumping gloss is beloved by TikTok for its instant lip-filler results, and the lip sleeping mask is just as plumping. Last month, in honor of the brand’s birthday, it launched a birthday-cake flavor. Does it plump? Yes. Does it also smell yummy? Absolutely.

Shopping editor Bianca Nieves fell in love with this candle launch last month not only because it makes her house smell like magic but also because the vase is reusable. She’s already decided she’s gifting this to everyone this year.

This has been my favorite body cream to wear during fall because it’s thick and moisturizing on my skin, and the scent just puts me in the holiday spirit. (It was also apparently Rihanna’s preference when she was pregnant.) It’s become a Fenty Skin cult favorite, so for the holiday season, the brand kept the same velvety-smooth whipped formula and added a shearing finish and a spicy cinnamon scent.

RiRi isn’t the only one loving cinnamon this fall. Byredo’s newest scent is a blend of cinnamon, patchouli, and ginger, to name a few notes. In short? Spicy — and who doesn’t love a but of spice for fall? I definitely do, which is why this scent will be on my top shelf throughout the cooler months.

In an industry in which sustainability has become a token, founders Enrico Pietra and Rodrigo Caula are committed to creating the real thing. Aeir is one of the first luxury fragrance systems to be bioengineered with scent molecules to protect plants. Each fragrance — from fresh roses to warm suede is bottled in a reusable aluminum case and has such a distinctive personality. A little goes a long way, and I’ve received nothing but great compliments from strangers when wearing them.

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9 Launches We Tried and Loved in October