do i need this?

The Dapper Dan x GAP Hoodie Collab Is Back! Again!

Photo: Courtesy of GAP

What is it?

A limited-edition hoodie from designer and fashion legend Dapper Dan, who has reworked the GAP logo on the classic arch hoodie to read “DAP” — a nod to his history of remixing designer logos and materials to create something fresh. Now available in four winter-ready, plaid colorways.

Do I need this?

Yes! And our advice would be to add to cart swiftly. Why? Most recently, we saw Kanye West create what he called the “perfect hoodie” for Yeezy GAP x Balenciaga. That cut wasn’t perfect for everyone, but this one may actually be.

Daniel Day, better known as Dapper Dan, is a Harlem legend. Using luxury fabrics to create custom, logo-heavy work, he quickly gained a client base of stars, such as Sean Combs, LL Cool J, hip-hop duo Eric B. & Rakim, and Missy Elliott. By the ’90s, luxury houses started suing Dan for his creative use of their brand identities, forcing him to shut down his shop on 125th Street. Years later, after Gucci copied one of his designs (talk about coming full circle), the company partnered with him on an atelier in Harlem, where he still works.

How do I get it?

If you weren’t one of the many lucky fans who met Dapper Dan at the Harlem GAP store and acquired a hoodie, fear not they’ll be available online. Mark your calendars for November 30 at 12 pm EST, when the hoodies will launch globally. The first two drops showed us that can be tough (they sold out in minutes). With all this buzz, resellers and bots will be set to scoop these up for a profit. While Instagram users and fans are skeptical, though there are many flame emojis in response to the news, it seems quite a few fans were able to get a hoodie during the third drop. If you’re willing to search you might even have a good chance of grabbing it in the store.

What are people saying?

During the second drop in March, the internet had a sea of people fawning over the salmon-color hoodie, determined to get their hands on the collab. This time around, people are spreading the word so the surprise drop doesn’t fly under the radar.

Did anyone actually get it the first two times?

No surprise: This highly anticipated collab sold out very, very quickly. The “DAP” logo hoodie, which launched March 10 at 4 p.m., was, as many Twitter users claim, sold out immediately. Twitter users say at 4 p.m. on the dot, the hoodie wasn’t available on GAP’s website at all, though a select few were able to get it into their carts before it was removed. The question now is, did anyone get one? Fans are quick to blame resellers and bots, since it seems like the only person who did get it is reselling it for $500. We’ve reached out to GAP for comment, “The support received from Dan’s following has been remarkable, and we can confirm that the hoodie has completely sold out, though unfortunately am unable to disclose any further information at this time.”

The Dapper Dan x GAP Hoodie Collab Is Back